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If you open an offshore or onshore company with us, you will receive a quality support and exact application of your documents guaranteed.

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As a result of setting up an offshore or onshore company, you will increase your profits by more than 50%!

The locations where we register, support and administer clients’ offshore and onshore companies:


More than 30 banks


More than in 35 FTZ


More than 250 people


More than 150 Worldwide


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“Clear approach. Very supportive and fast-reacting to my additional business requirements. Pleased to work with you.”

Evgeni B. / Area of business: Logistics

“Brilliant job guys and thanks for your help with that internet banking token :)“

Colin S. /Area of business: Food products

“It was an immense pleasure to work with Dubai Freezone team and I am pleased about the fact that they speak German too. Danke!!“

Reinhard S. /Area of Business: Textile industry

Business in Dubai, the UAE - key for steady income and sustainable development

The United Arab Emirates is the most attractive country for incorporating a company for doing business within the country and abroad. The advantages available to foreign companies in the UAE will convince even skeptics to invest for incorporation in this country. Apart from unique tax advantages the UAE is an attractive place for business due to its favorable geographical location, and stable economic and political situation. Bureaucracy in the country is at the lowest level. All issues, with professional company being on your side, are resolved fairly quickly and you do not have to wait months until all required documents are ready, wait in queues and face other inconveniences. With the help of a professional company the whole process of incorporation of your business in the UAE goes in clear and organized mode.

Incorporation in Dubai constitutes the first step towards financial freedom and high profitability margin of your company.

Benefits of operating business in the UAE

Business in the UAE - your chance to address new challenges for development of your company and to receive stable revenue.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world's largest centers for doing local, regional and international business. This country provides great opportunities for doing business in the areas of production, trade, logistics and any other business activities. Other advantages of incorporating in the UAE include developed economy, modern approach to business, consistent laws and diverse infrastructure.

Free Trade Zones constitute an important advantage of the United Arab Emirates. In the whole of the UAE there are more than 35 FTZ which have special legal status and which offer favorable conditions for foreign and national entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the main advantages of doing business in free trade zones in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE:

Advantageous geographical location creates unique opportunities for incorporation of commercial and industrial companies in the United Arab Emirates. Since the UAE is located between Asia and Europe, the distance from the UAE to the major cities of the world is practically the same. It is very easy to organize and adjust the supply of products to various countries by air or sea transport from the Emirates.

A significant advantage of incorporating in Dubai is presence in the country of offices of large global banks. The absence of restrictions on profit remittance, foreign exchange transactions and capital movements make the UAE one of the safest countries for investors. Another aspect in favor of incorporation of business in the UAE is stable currency: Dirham exchange rate has not changed since 1982, as the rate of dirham is tied to the exchange rate of dollar.

By registering onshore or offshore company in the UAE, you will increase your company's revenue by 50% and more!

How to incorporate a company in the UAE?

Incorporation of a company in the UAE requires specific knowledge of procedures and laws of the country. Therefore, to save time, efforts and money, please contact our company. Dubai-freezone provides a wide range of services for business registration in Dubai and other cities in the United Arab Emirates.

We will help you open within short period of time and at reasonable price:

Also we can provide almost any other support related to starting business in the UAE - licenses, permits, corporate legal issues, etc.

Our goal is successful start of your business in the UAE. Getting in touch with us, you will get comprehensive support for registering a company in one of the Free Trade Zones in the Emirates. We will take care and prepare all required documents and will perform everything quickly and reliably. If you decide to use Dubai-freezone services, you will become the owner of the company or will get a bank account in the UAE within 3-7 days!

Our company has accumulated substantial experience and skilled advisors. We offer our services at affordable prices in Dubai. Besides, you can be assured of risk-free cooperation with our company, as we represent and warrant the provision of high quality confidential support.

In order to become business owner, open bank account or get residence visa in the UAE, please complete the online application form on our website.

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