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The National Bank of Dubai (Emirates NBD) was established in early 2007 after the merger of banking institutions “National Bank of Dubai” and “Emirates Bank”. It is important to note that this bank is one of the leaders of banking institutions in the Middle East.

National Bank has the extensive network of offices and representative branches around the world, which includes more than 80 offices. Among foreign branches it is worth to note offices in the UK, Geneva, Washington, London, Singapore, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Organizational form and bank instruments of the National Bank of Dubai

By its legal form the National Bank of Dubai is a Joint Stock Company. Shareholders of the bank are individuals - citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

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Customers of the bank have a wide choice of modern banking and finance instruments, management of financial assets, services of remote access to bank account management and investment activities. The National Bank of Dubai is successfully implementing numerous loan programs including mortgage lending. Customers of the bank are both individuals and corporate clients.

The Bank’s Board adheres to a relatively loyal policy towards foreign clients and investors. Minimum amount of contribution to open a savings bank account is 50 thousand dirhams.

The National Bank of Dubai is a major banking institution of the Emirate and has long been the hallmark of Dubai. Among foreign guests and tourists the bank is known as a landmark of the modern megapolis. The head office building is made in the shape of sail that fascinates with its beauty and attracts attention.

Skyscraper of the head office of the bank is a good example of incredible construction projects implemented in Dubai. It is located not far from the Chamber of Commerce and specialized berth for traditional boats.

The building of the National Bank of Dubai was constructed in 1997 and its design work performed by the best architects from Sweden.

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