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Opening an offshore company in the UAE is one of the most common assets protection schemes. Such company in the UAE is considered to be one of the best ways to protect yourself from the tax matters, inheritance tax and creditors.

This strategy is effective due to the fact that in the case of the court investigation, the assets are difficult to extract and not available to individuals (that makes them less "attractive" to creditors, employees, clients). Moreover, when opening an offshore company in the UAE, you also get a number of additional advantages in the form of a zero tax rate, absolute privacy and the absence of financial reporting.

Structure of the assets protection through an offshore company in the UAE

In fact, an offshore company is a usual legal person that can hold assets like a natural person. Such assets can include not only cash, but also money in bank accounts, real estate, securities, cars and any other assets.

What is very attractive in such strategy is that, even though an offshore company is registered in the United Arab Emirates, the property can be located anywhere in the world. The information about the owner of an offshore company is completely anonymous in distinction to the information about a legal or natural person in most of other countries. Thus, for example, a foreign entrepreneur can protect his assets by using such company type.

If your someone even manages to get information about the real owner of an offshore company, the chance to take you of your assets even the court is negligible. That is why many businessmen who wish to protect their assets from the attempts of raiding and illegal actions, register their offshore companies in the UAE.

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As of today, offshore companies are considered to be the most effective way to protect assets. This is also the great opportunity to manage corporate and personal financial assets efficiently, to protect oneself from possible risks (political upheavals, economic crisis, etc.).

The main element here is to choose the right offshore jurisdiction. The United Arab Emirates is the best choice in this respect, since, in addition to asset protection, the foreign entrepreneurs are given a number of other advantages, such as absence of taxes, no limitations on withdrawal of capital, no financial reporting and bureaucracy.

Summarizing the above, registration of an offshore company in the UAE is the best asset protection approach.

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