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Today it is possible to single out some cities in the United Arab Emirates, which have become a symbol of great business opportunities and prospects. A special role among them is given to the Emirate of Sharjah. Owing to the rapid economic growth, Sharjah is of an unprecedented investment interest among the entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Business in Sharjah – special economic environment

First of all, it is necessary to note the presence of the modern transportation hubs. For example, Sharjah international airport is one of the most modern airports in the whole Middle East. For many years, the airport is the leader in terms of cargo and passenger transportation worldwide.

The Emirate of Sharjah is ready to offer a whole set of corporate benefits and opportunities to the potential investors, including the possibility of the real estate and land lots acquisition into the ownership. A duty-free trade, in its turn, provides private business with high profitability due to the reasonable price policy.

Today, thousands of companies from all over the world have appreciated the advantages offered by the business in Sharjah. Availability of the well-established infrastructure, and a relatively low cost of energy resources, allow optimization of many business processes. Two large free trade zones, which are characterized by the reasonable cost of company incorporation and the availability of the entire necessary infrastructure, operate successfully in the Emirate of Sharjah at a short distance from Dubai.

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Business climate and corporate opportunities

Opening a company in Sharjah means enlisting the support of the state and using the maximum of the most various corporate benefits. The Government of the Emirate actively supports and encourages development of private business in the various directions, in the service sector and in the trade and manufacturing industries.

It should be noted that opening of the industrial and manufacturing enterprises on the territory of the Emirate is quite beneficial. This is due to the government subsidization of the industrial utilization of water resources and electric power.

Besides, the attractiveness of the Emirate for business is due to the presence of the specialized free trade zones, which allows minimizing corporate business taxation. Special industrial parks and free trade zones have a sectoral focus, which simplifies the production cycles and reduces corporate expenses. In addition, the ongoing business is guaranteed the possibility of non-restricted pulling out of all the assets out of the jurisdiction.

The following features can be singled out among the key factors contributing to the investment attractiveness of the Emirate:

  • Availability of the significant investment incentives for business development;
  • Strategically and economically advantageous location of the Emirate;
  • Modern well-developed infrastructure;
  • Presence of the industrial parks and free trade zones;
  • Minimal taxation and customs privileges.

High-tech business centres, well-developed social infrastructure, advanced transport communication networks, multi-functional transport hubs and aspiration of the state to help private business – it is all the Emirate of Sharjah. If you plan to open a company in Sharjah, you will be offered the incredible incentives for investment and development of a highly profitable business.

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