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In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has turned into a very attractive platform for foreign investments. According to international experts, such rates become possible thanks to the three pillars of the economic policy of the Emirates, in particular:

  • Excellent data in terms of growth of the national economy;
  • Highest security of investment and as a place of residency;
  • Continuously improving infrastructure.

Thus, every year thousands of companies of various orientations are registered on the territory of the UAE. Meanwhile, the rules of local corporate law and current legislation provide some restrictions for local business.

Prohibited activities in the UAE

Speaking about the prohibitions on certain types of commercial and economic activity in the UAE, it is necessary to say that the standards of legislation and local customs are based on Islamic law. It is religious principles which are the guiding point in all the aspects of life, and business is no exception to it.

Thus, in the United Arab Emirates, gambling is prohibited in all and any possible forms.

Drawing interests on money loaned is considered as an unrighteous occupation. It is worth noting that significant debt obligations are not welcomed in business etiquette of the Emirates. Therefore, companies with heavy debts may not be considered as investment instruments.

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In general, the activity which is prohibited or under certain restrictions in the UAE, can be divided into several categories, respectively:

  • Food and foodstuff – selling and production of alcoholic products, goods and semi-finished products made of pork;
  • Gambling – organization of various betting shops, sweepstakes, lotteries and casinos, including online projects;
  • Goods and services - creation and distribution of magazines and videos with pornographic content, strip clubs and network resources with questionable content;
  • Illegal trade and activities – illegal circulation of narcotic and psychotropic drugs and prostitution.
  • Especially noteworthy is the position of the state in relation to gambling establishments. All kinds of establishments connected with gambling for money are under strict prohibition in the UAE. Tourists and foreign guests are not recommended to visit questionable establishments which offer illegal services. You may have no doubts, that in the UAE there is enough to do without gambling. You will find an enchanting spectacle of exciting and interesting events, ranging from desert safaris and ending with ski resort.
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