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Today the United Arab Emirates is associated with oil wells, incredible tourist projects, and luxury hotels. However, in recent years, the UAE is characterized by the active development of the manufacturing sector. This growth is the result of the construction boom that began in the country after the development of the oil and gas industry. Construction in the UAE has reached a new level, and the construction of new buildings requires specialized equipment and various building materials.

Building materials in the United Arab Emirates – production and its volumes

The United Arab Emirates is ready to offer a wide range of building materials: window frames and doors, rebars and pipes, cement, paints and a number of other items, which are necessary for construction works. Experts note the steady growth in the number of plants, which produce construction materials. This situation is due to the active construction in the United Arab Emirates, as the new shopping malls, hotel complexes, residential and commercial quarters are built every year.

Construction on a large scale in the UAE and an increased customer demand have spurred manufacturers of building materials to increase the production volumes of cement, pipes, aluminium windows and other building materials significantly. The number of plants and workshops has doubled over the last decade. Besides, there is a constant growth in the number of companies, which are involved in the production of building materials. Whereas initially there were relatively small factories and workshops, today the region's largest plants are already built.

At the same time, the Government did not stop the existing production practice. Small enterprises, which produce polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene sheets and pipes, also operate successfully on the territory of the United Arab Emirates. The production of such businesses covers not only the inner demand of the UAE, but is also exported.

Economic Diversification as a basis of the industry sector development

The construction of a cement plant in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, the annual production volume of which is 500 thousand tons, is a vivid example of the effective diversification of the national economy. This project was designed to meet the UAE domestic demand for raw and building materials. It should be noted that the major costs of the development of the building materials production are covered by the state.

Construction in the UAE is the basis for many economic sectors. Besides, the quality products enable entering the international market and strengthening of trade relations. It is not a secret that the government policy is focused on the long-term and mutually beneficial relations and active involvement of foreign investors.


The United Arab Emirates is a phenomenon in the international economy. Stable economy and development of the industrial sector have brought the Emirates on a par with many well-developed states. According to the financial analysts, this is the main secret of the development of the country.

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