Article image: Construction of Al Maktoum Airport within preparations for EXPO 2020

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According to experts, an international exhibition EXPO 2020 will be visited by about 25 million people from all over the world. The government of the Emirates is investing large sum money (more than $ 8 billion) in the development of infrastructure in order to treat all the visitors at the highest level. One of the most strategically important infrastructure facilities is the Al Maktoum Airport, located in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition venue.

What will the Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai look like?

The opening of the main part of the modern terminals of Al Maktoum Airport is scheduled for 2020, by the time of launching international exhibition EXPO 2020. This airport is expected to be the world’s largest and to serve a significant relief of the passenger traffic in Dubai International Airport. Its annual capacity will be 12 million tons of cargo and 160 million people, what is two times more in comparison with a Heathrow Airport in London, which is the busiest in Europe.

Al Maktoum Airport was named as a tribute to the Al Maktoum dynasty, who is currently reigning the Emirate. One of the advantages of the airport is its closer location to the Dubai Downtown if comparing with the already existing Dubai International Airport. The new airport is located at Jebel Ali district at a distance of 70 km from Dubai International Airport.

Initially, the opening of Al Maktoum Airport was planned for 2008, however, due to the worsening economic situation in the world, its first part was launched in 2010 and handled only cargo aircrafts. The first commercial flight was served in October 2013.

After the modernization, Al Maktoum International Airport will consist of four huge terminals and 5 runways. The new airport will be equipped with the latest technologies. In addition to the online arrival and departure board, Al Maktoum Airport will be equipped with a computer network, which will ensure effective functioning of the airport.

Special attention is paid to the comfort of the passengers. There will be comfortable lounges with reclining chairs allowing one to lie down on them. Free Wi-Fi, restaurants and Duty Free shops will entertain passengers while waiting. Al Maktoum Airport will become more accessible owing to the construction of two new roads. The way from the Ibn Battuta metro station to the new airport will take about half an hour.

Construction of Al Maktoum Airport will be completed in 2020. By this time, it will become a real aviation town with numerous hotels, shopping malls, villas, schools and kindergartens.

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