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Fear, Shame, and Insecurity – Three Main Enemies of Business

Article image: Fear, Shame, and Insecurity – Three Main Enemies of Business

Why are people so afraid to start a business? Fear of failure in any activity is primary – it is difficult to get rid of it since it is inherent in human nature itself. Fear of issues related to business is common to all people, and its impact on business relationships cannot be denied. The article presents some practical advice on how not to be afraid to launch a business and how to overcome the fear of opening a company. As soon as we learn how to deal with this primary fear, we will gain access to its useful properties. Beginning businessmen usually say something like this “I'm too vulnerable, and it’s hard for me to establish new business relationships.” However, there is a way to suppress this sense of fear.

Here is what should be done:

  • Before starting your project, analyze the local market and evaluate your potential. You must understand what awaits you;
  • Your expectations about the partner should be realistic – do not expect too much. If you react too sharply to the situation, it will make you think of yourself and your partner worse than you are;
  • Trying to suppress the sense of shame in business, do not try to suppress your feelings. Your insecurity can be passed on to your partner and your subordinates;
  • Do not try to manipulate your partner to feel more confident. This increases pressure in relations and reduces the level of mutual trust;
  • Do not try to make your partner feel emotionally responsible.

Why are people afraid to start their own business and what should they do?

  • Stop being overly critical of yourself. Fear of failure is normally involuntary. Everyone experiences it at some point;
  • Accept this fear as part of your nature. But how can one overcome uncertainty and indecision? You should try to show respect to yourself and be less judgmental allowing yourself to make a mistake. Do not label yourself as “weak.”;
  • In an attempt to overcome self-doubt, do not shift the sense of insecurity to your partner or subordinates. You must take 100% responsibility when your fear manifests itself – do not expect your partner to “fix” the situation;
  • Work on your emotional self-confidence. Our confidence (or lack of confidence) is not permanent. The path to emotional confidence is slow and sporadic;
  • Try to turn your fear into your emotional self-confidence recognizing your uniqueness and individuality. This will allow you to stop shifting your insecurity to your partner and take responsibility for your own decisions. Practical exercises will help you to become self-confident and secure.

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