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Over the past few decades, healthcare in the UAE has reached the completely new level and has undergone many radical changes. The level of development and qualitative growth of the health care system of the United Arab Emirates increases rapidly and is ready to compete with the most developed countries. Owing to the active government support, medical specialists have an opportunity to use the most advanced medical equipment and to follow latest modern scientific achievements. Moreover, the healthcare in the UAE more and more often takes leading positions in the international rankings of health care systems.

The UAE – the structure and features of the health care system

The public health care system in the UAE includes both state and private medical assistance. State medical institutions provide services free of charge and serve all the citizens. Speaking about the private clinics, there is a fairly extensive network of specialized clinics and medical institutions in the UAE. Medical services are provided there for money or under the coverage of private medical insurance.

The Ministry of Health in the UAE pays more and more attention to the issue of medical assistance and insurance of foreign citizens, who stay on the territory of the country. Improvement of the quality of medical assistance for foreigners, who came to work or study, or are engaged in business or investment activities in the Emirate, is the main objective of the state.

All the medical institutions and clinics in the United Arab Emirates, both private and state, are equipped with the most modern equipment. Moreover, public hospitals in some of the Emirates possess the world’s best medical equipment and can offer services of the highly qualified specialists in the most various areas.

The Ministry of Health in the UAE, being armed with the advanced international experience, has created a really effective system of medical support to the population. The active development of the other related services should be also noted. So, for example, an effective system of social protection of the population, which includes various rehabilitation and family centres, operates in the United Arab Emirates. The population is provided with psychological help, there are also specialized adaptive programmes. The most socially vulnerable groups of people, such as disabled people, children, etc., receive direct social benefits from the state.

Medical tourism in the UAE as a quality indicator

In recent years, the rapid growth of medical tourism is noted in the United Arab Emirates. More and more foreigners choose the United Arab Emirates to reinstate health. The UAE is a great opportunity to combine a guaranteed high quality medical assistance and a comfortable rest in the best tourist centre of the globe.

A new network of medical clinics and hospitals was established on order to introduce high international standards in the field of healthcare. These institutions provide the widest range of range of medical services. Almost all medical institutions, which operate in the Emirates, have passed the international accreditation JCI, which indicates the global recognition and high professional level. Cardiology and cardiac surgery, oncology and orthopaedics, traumatology and dentistry can be singled out among the most popular directions for foreign citizens.

Today, the United Arab Emirates has earned a reputation as a state with an incredibly high level of the national healthcare system, what has turned the country into the international centre of medical tourism.

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