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The assurance of confidentiality is one of the basic requirements of businesspersons towards offshore companies. What makes is to aim to maintain secrecy about offshore? It is a mistake to believe that it is all about illegality of carried out activities. In fact, confidentiality allows the owner of the offshore company to protect himself from unfair competitors, raider attacks, etc.

Ways to ensure offshore confidentiality

Follow these guidelines to be sure of the confidentiality of an offshore company:

  • Choose an offshore jurisdiction properly

    Not all of the jurisdictions guarantee complete confidentiality of the offshore companies. However, some countries provide confidentiality of information on the directors and shareholders of the offshore company. One of them is the United Arab Emirates.

  • Use the nominee service

    One can withhold information on the real company owners, by means of involving nominee shareholders and directors. The use of nominee service allows not only to insure yourself to be in confidentiality but also to provide remote management of the offshore company.

    Nominee service is the legal method for protecting confidentiality and is the rather widespread service in many countries. It is usually used when the chosen jurisdiction requires a director of an offshore company to be a resident or you want a director to sign the contracts on behalf of the company. This solution is also widely used when it is necessary to structure an enterprise and the documents must be signed by different persons.

  • Register an offshore fund or a trust

    Trusts and funds are the complicated schemes of the nominee service. They are attractive because the information on their owner does not appear anywhere. However we need to note that with the Automatic exchange of information coming into force the use of trusts becomes practically obsolete.

  • Consult with a specialists

    The procedure of opening an offshore company requires specific knowledge and experience. Especially when it comes to privacy. It is very important to get the support of competent professionals in the field of registering offshore companies in order that everything shall go smoothly. Such services cost a bit, but at the same time the risk of taking wrong decisions is reduced to zero.

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