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Virtually 60% of the Emirates’ GDP derive from foreign capital investments income. Full version

Your own and highly profitable business is a goal that is thought over by many. Even if you are a successful entrepreneur with a quite profitable business scheme, there is always an opportunity to sharpen your own business and to scale new heights. One such opportunity is the moving business into the favourable international jurisdiction. For example, to open an advertising agency in Dubai is the opportunity to benefit from undeniable competitive advantages and features of the tax-free jurisdiction.

Opening an advertising agency in Dubai – prospects and opportunities

It is not a secret that the significance of advertising, with the modern market conditions and an increasing competition, remains in the first place. The level of your income depends largely on the correct and effective promotion of a service or a product. That is why this market niche remains one of the most attractive on the market. Provision of advertising services – is an activity for which many are willing to pay a lot of money, and the United Arab Emirates is not an exception. And if to take into account the incentives and opportunities for foreign business in the Emirates, the choice of this niche will be completely justified and will give the expected result in the form of stable profits.

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The jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates attracts every year more and more entrepreneurs and companies from all around the world. This fact can become a key to the success of your advertising agency in Dubai. The profitability of the advertising business in the Emirates is indisputable and it promises fairly bright prospects. However, you should choose an appropriate jurisdiction before opening an advertising agency in Dubai. Dubai Media City free zone with a special economic status will be an ideal option for this type of business.

How to open a company in the Dubai Media City – features of the jurisdiction

Dubai Media City specialized free trade zone makes it possible to effectively resolve a number of issues, which arise for an entrepreneur, in particular:

  • Registration of a company with foreign participation – simplified scheme of registration and corporate benefits for foreign businessmen;
  • Effective analysis of market conditions – concentration of the advanced technologies and extensive international experience;
  • Selection of qualified personnel – the best experts in the field of communication and media technologies.

In addition to the fact that the government of the Emirate Dubai implements a loyal policy towards the foreign investors and entrepreneurs, here there are ideal conditions for organization of the advertising business. Residential quarters and modern office premises equipped with appropriate communications, business centers and a high level of service – these are the main components for creating an effective business scheme in any industry. Companies and agencies, which are registered on the territory of this zone, can count on maximum support from the state. Modern communication facilities and advanced technologies from all over the world are offered at your services.

Opening a company in Dubai Media City means providing your business with additional advantages in the form of customs and tax privileges. Besides, the state sector programmes, which stimulate business development and professional growth, are implemented every year. If you are interested in the possibility of bringing your business up to the completely new level, contact our staff and get a free consultation on how to make business more profitable and how to optimize many business processes at the international level.

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