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When speaking of the economic growth in the UAE, the country’s success is usually attributed to its vast oil and gas reserves. Of course, natural resources enabled turning the Emirates into a powerful economically developed country with great prospects from a fishing settlement in less than 40 years. But it’s not just about oil. Local executives successfully apply some important principles in the management of their companies. So, what makes a perfect leader, be it male or female? Here are some tips from executives in Dubai, UAE:

Develop a clear vision of your goal as a leader

The country’s top leadership sets ambitious goals “Becoming a leader of the global economy, improving people’s well-being and creating the environment that will attract more businesses and ordinary people.” They see a perfect leader as someone who sets bold goals aimed at inspiring the others. “If in recent years we have worked with 100% efficiency, then we will need to work at all 200% over the next seven years.” And it’s not just words of the highest-ranking officials in the country – this approach is shared by almost all residents of Dubai. They are convinced that they will be able to achieve this. What qualities should a leader in the UAE have? First of all, a leader should be goal-oriented and ambitious. The “all-200%” approach is seen in every sector of the economy – there are a vision and a key goal, as well as intermediate goals. Let us take the tourism sector as an example: Its target is 20 million tourists and 300 billion dirhams of tourism revenue annually by 2020. They plan to achieve this in three key directions: Family tourism, international events, and attractions, as well as establishing Dubai as a business center.

Make a strategic plan and update it as a leader in the UAE

The qualities of a good leader in Dubai include a clear vision of a situation and understanding of the strategy. A strategic plan is a declaration of where the company is heading and what steps need to be taken to achieve its goals. In addition to the basic ideas of growth and technological development, the plan focuses on making Dubai a desirable place for living and doing business. How can one become a good leader in the UAE? The most sought-after personal qualities of a leader encompass the ability to think strategically.

Here are some factors that will benefit business owners: Improving infrastructure, health and safety, education and an effective judicial system. Good leaders also consider problems that could potentially hamper future business growth, for example, the growing demand for energy and water. One of the most important features of the strategic plan is its simplicity, while the average strategic plan is designed for 5-7 years. Moreover, the plan should be revised every year. If necessary, changes can be made, and a new adjusted plan can be developed.

Traditionally, the leaders in this region have been trained by specialists from Western countries trying to adopt the best practices and best management practices. And today it’s time for European leaders to look at the UAE country in a new way – there is something to learn about the dynamics and speed of the state’s development.

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