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Insurance sector in the UAE is regulated by the norms of the corresponding Law "On insurance", which is in force since the beginning of 2007. The requirements of this legislative act are mandatory both for local insurers and for foreign insurance companies. The law regulates not only the functions of the participants of the insurance market, but also the dispute resolution procedures and responsibilities of the parties to the insurance relations.

Features of insurance in the UAE

The state system of the United Arab Emirates guarantees decent living standards and social stability within the country. These efforts are expressed in the initiative bills aimed at provision of the guaranteed social welfare and pensions. The development of the national economy has ensured a commensurate growth of the UAE medicine, which includes private and public health facilities.

Insurance in the UAE as actively developing sector

The Dubai megalopolis is recognized as one of the safest cities on the planet. The local insurance system is designed to ensure the appropriate protection of health care, property rights and security of citizens and foreign visitors.

Features of insurance in the UAE can depend on the purposes and length of stay on the territory of the country. The insurance conditions can be different for foreign visitors who visit the United Arab Emirates as tourists and for those who plan to purchase real estate in the UAE. People, who stay in the UAE for employment, must arrange the medical insurance contract. Such insurance is usually provided by the employer. The owners of movable and immovable property are also advised to sign the property insurance contract.

It is important to understand that the Emirate of Dubai provides not only the excellent opportunities for carrying on business, investment activities or leisure. The Government cares about organization of the most safe and comfortable stay of foreign guests and citizens of the country.

Insurance in Dubai – what to do in the insurance case

Foreign visitors, especially tourists, are highly recommended to contact a service company using the phone numbers indicated in the insurance certificate. You should register the insurance case and follow further instructions of the specialists of the insurance company.

All the medical services provided without coordination with the appropriate service centre (insurance company) will be at your expense. Certainly, upon returning home, you have a legal right for compensation of all the expenditures associated with medical services at the expense of the insurance company. However, in such cases, all the responsibility for the problems and risks arisen falls on the tourist.

You can contact a service department of the insurer at any time of the day. Then you should provide your personal data (full name), serial number and expiration date of your insurance certificate. Describe your problem, the type of the assistance required and your contact information to the insurance company employees in detail. Even if you are not able to contact a service department, you should show your insurance certificate to the medical staff. Have no doubt that the medical staff will inform the appropriate service company.

Remember that travelling is not only a lot of fun and positive as something unforeseen can always happen. Think about insurance when planning a tourist trip to the Emirates.

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