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The United Arab Emirates have a modern and stable banking system. Here operate many international and local banks. Let's see the most significant among them.

Most reliable banks of the United Arab Emirates

Dubai Islamic Bank - is one of the largest financial institutions of the United Arab Emirates located in Dubai. Activity of the Bank is based on financial rules of Islam. The Bank offers its customers an extended range of modern banking services and products. Branch network of the bank operates throughout the Emirates and abroad.

Al Hilal Bank - is a financial institution of the Emirates located in Abu Dhabi. The structure is the Islamic bank organized with participation of the state. Investment and business activity of the bank is based on the principles of Islamic financial norms. The banking institution is widely represented in the retail sector and has a branch network of 19 offices.

First Gulf Bank - the bank was founded in early 1979 and is located in Abu Dhabi. The founders of the bank are members of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan family. Commercial activity of the bank is characterized by high diversification, including in the mortgage lending sector. This banking institution is acknowledged as one of the fastest developing in the region.

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Citibank UAE – the first representative office was opened in Dubai, founding date of the bank is 1964. The institution is engaged in lending to real estate transactions and positions itself as a commercial entity. Customers are offered a wide range of modern banking products and services. Bank’s branch network includes more than 30 offices.

Union National Bank - the bank was established in 1982 and is located in Abu Dhabi. This banking structure is among the main banks of the Emirates. Asset management is executed by the government of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Bank is perfectly adapted to modern banking instruments and meets all the needs of large corporate clients. Branch network operates throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates NBD - the bank is located in Dubai and is one of the leading banks in the Middle East. Along with mortgage lending it offers its customers a wide selection of the most modern banking and financial instruments. Bank branches operate on the territory of the United Arab Emirates and abroad.

HSBC - is a universal international banking institution operating in the Emirates. Customers are offered a variety of banking products, loans and savings bank accounts. The Bank is actively involved in investment activities and is widely represented in the region.

Rakbank - is the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah, which was founded in early 1976 as a commercial bank. The bank is located in Ras Al Khaimah. Bank capital ratios exceed the mark of USD 6 billion. From the point of profitability ratios this banking institution is acknowledged as the best in the entire Middle East.

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