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National economy of the United Arab Emirates continues to show stable growth and harmonious development of different industries. Whereas just a few decades ago the United Arab Emirates only began exploring the international hydrocarbon export markets, today it is the region’s largest centre of logistics and finance. Logistics in the UAE is at a high level and aims at stimulation of the international trade relations.

The peculiarities of geographical location between the trading pathways of the West, Europe, Africa and Asia, have turned the United Arab Emirates into the international transit hub. It resulted in the strong trade ties between the UAE and such countries as the USA, Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Japan, India and China. A unique system, which unites large airports and ports, is created on the territory of the United Arab Emirates. Logistics in the UAE meets the needs of any business, including the appropriate equipment and infrastructure.

Logistics in the UAE as an effective economic tool

The development of logistics in the UAE is a part of a unitary, large-scale project, which is designed to stimulate the tourism industry growth and international trade. It is not a secret that passenger and freight transportations directly contribute to the establishment of lasting international contacts and the development of the tourism sector. Timely investments into the logistics sector have provided the United Arab Emirates with the status of the best trade and tourist destination.

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Cargo industry in the UAE – opportunities and development prospects

The Government of the Emirates understands that international consignments remain one of the most important aspects of the national economy. Efficient, cost-effective, and most importantly, timely delivery of cargoes is the key to a successful business. Today, when the international logistics enters a completely new level of coordination, the UAE has managed to create a coordinated system and to implement a number of projects in the field of logistics development. It is safe to say that the economic success in the UAE became possible owing to the diversification of the national economy and significant investments into the development of infrastructure.

Among the main types of cargo path in the United Arab Emirates is ready to offer effective solutions in the following areas:

  • cargo shipping;
  • delivery of cargoes by air transport;
  • combined cargo transportation (combination of several types).

Today, cargo transportations in the UAE are carried out by the largest companies, which have worked in the sphere of international logistics already for many years. Private businesses can count on the reliable and time-tested structures of cargo delivery. Customs and tax incentives, in turn, significantly reduce the expenditures for logistics, and therefore reduce the prime cost of cargo and improve overall business profitability.

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