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Banks of the UAE in comparison with European ones are completely confidential and more reliable; they provide low tariffs, numerous loyalty programs and service of high quality. To attract customers and set up long-term cooperation, every bank tries to come up with some unique system of discounts and special offers.

What loyalty programs are there in the UAE?

As a rule, all special offers are based on cooperation of the bank with other agencies, which provide services. These can be stores, shopping malls, restaurants, petrol stations, cinemas, and airlines.

As usual, there are two mechanisms of loyalty used in the UAE banks:

  • Crediting of points that can be spent on purchases at stores, ordering food at a restaurant, paying for petrol, etc. Miles are another kind of bonuses, that can be exchanged for free air tickets (it is very convenient if you often fly to the UAE).
  • Discounts for paying by card. Discount depends on the bank and the type of payment card.

Here are some examples. The International Bank Citibank offers its customers debit cards with a special loyalty program: purchasing with a credit card, the customer gets bonus miles, which can be spent on flights by Arabian Airlines (Emirates Airlines). Besides, participants of this program receive different discounts and special offers. The partners of Emirates Airlines loyalty programs are other UAE banks, particularly, Standard Chartered Bank, Emirates NBD, National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

Ajman Bank, under the loyalty program, offers the Roadmiles credit cards. Paying with the card at petrol stations, you accumulate points on the purchase of fuel. One spent dirham = 1 point. Ajman Bank makes sure the Roadmiles cards are accepted at petrol stations throughout the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to the bonus miles, Emirates NBD Bank offers its customers discounts and special offers at a number of retail outlets in the UAE. For these purposes, a customer may get a payment EMV card (Europay + MasterCard + VISA), which is characterized by a higher level of control and security of transactions.

So, the main types of loyalty programs have been listed above. Besides, there are additional ones, for example, a member of the program can make a deposit with a higher interest rate, get several free days when renting a bank safety deposit box, etc. Check loyalty programs of banks of the UAE, and get more for your money!

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