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The time we live in is highly dynamic. It requires immediate reaction, flexibility, critical and, at the same time, creative thinking. What does a modern business leader look like? Is there a universal recipe for success? What are the requirements for entrepreneurs of the 21st century?

The greatest entrepreneurs of the world have always differed from their contemporaries. How? They were able to take risks and had excellent intuition. Business leaders of the world have a special kind of perspicacity and are able to “feel” potential changes at the market often anticipating future trends and directions of development. The most successful businessmen of the world have a kind of a “gut call.” This “gut call” is often based on previously acquired knowledge and experience.

What distinguishes outstanding entrepreneurs of the 21st century from their predecessors? The most successful businessmen of the world in the 21st century are also socially responsible. Business for the sake of business or simple accumulation of money is of little interest to people living nowadays. Business is a way to create certain benefits, the opportunity to arrange more workspaces and provide assistance in a variety of areas of public life. It is hardly surprising that the most outstanding businessmen of the 21st century, such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or George Soros, are also the founders of big charitable foundations and organizations. Very often they have started from scratch and have now become so successful.

Famous entrepreneurs of the 21st century willingly share their experience with the beginners. Thus, Richard Branson, the founder of the VirginGroup Corporation, conducts workshops and trainings all over the world striving to give beginners in the field of entrepreneurship initial skills and knowledge that will subsequently help them to fulfill their potential, improve their own lives as well as the living standards of other people.

In the last few decades, the main players of the “Forbes” list are often women. Sara Blakely, Tory Birch, Weili Dai are among the most successful female entrepreneurs. Well-known female entrepreneurs are active in various fields. They are the founders of multimillion-dollar companies engaged in the production of goods or the provision of services. Arianna Huffington, Yang Len and Rosalia Mera are among the most influential women in the world of business. Successful female entrepreneurs win the grounds with confidence showing excellent managing qualities and leadership skills, as well as their innovative vision of business processes.

What are the Characteristics of the Greatest Entrepreneurs of the World?

It is hardly possible to talk about any universal recipe or a “magic” set of qualities and characteristics of a great entrepreneur. However, there are certain traits that are absolutely necessary for a leader as they allow them to successfully implement plans and projects. These are the characteristics that should be gradually fostered and cultivated. Here is list of these characteristics:

  • the ability to make unpopular decisions;
  • self-confidence and consistent implementation of what has been planned;
  • transparency, honesty and directness in communication with colleagues and business partners;
  • passion and inspiration – love what you do, this is the key to success and prosperity;
  • flexibility, openness to new offers and the ability to think outside the box;
  • patience and understanding that there are no instant results;
  • determination and perseverance;
  • positive attitude;
  • vision and far-sightedness;
  • responsibility;
  • restlessness.

Successful businessmen who have started from scratch do not necessarily have the above listed qualities. A lot of things in business cannot be foreseen or predicted. In any case, these characteristics can be a kind of a reference for beginners while the rest comes with experience. Being a businessman requires permanent work. The main thing is not to be afraid of difficulties staying true to yourself and your vocation.

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