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Situations, when there is an acute requirement of urgent money transfer occurs relatively often in the life of tourists and guests of the United Arab Emirates. It can be money for registration of international company, help for relatives and friends, the purchase of various goods or real estate, booking hotel rooms and much more.

Money transfers to Dubai and other Emirates

Money transfer can be sent in several simple ways, among which the more popular are remittances via Money Gram in Dubai, the UAE.

Money Gram – money transfer system

Money Gram money transfer system is the specialized service and the largest transfer system in the world. There are more than three hundred representative offices of this system in the most various countries worldwide. Moreover, the service cooperates with almost all the major financial institutions, trading networks and post offices all around the world.

Functional features and advantages of the service

The main competitive advantage of this money transfer system is the relatively low commission (on average 1-3%). The system cooperates with the leaders of the banking sector, what allows to send money transfers to any place of the globe without difficulty. Besides, the system works with almost all freely convertible currencies. Regardless of the currency of the transfer, the receiver can choose a different currency for receiving the transfer.

As to the speed of the money transfer, they will be available to withdraw in 10 minutes after sending. Both the operating schedule of the representative office and rules of the current legislation can affect the swiftness of money transfers.

How to send money via Money Gram in Dubai

To send money via this service you need to visit any representative office of the Money Gram company in Dubai. You will need a valid foreign passport, and in the case of the excess of the fixed limit – supporting documentation. Once the funds are sent, you will be given a special digital code that allows withdrawing money in the recipient country. It is noteworthy that all money transfers via the Money Gram system are linked to the country of transferring, and it means that money can be withdrawn at any representative office on the territory of the respective country.

Additional features:

  • Possibility to send money via the Internet, when the required sum is debited from the card account of the sender, is available for clients;
  • A separate message (up to 10 words) may be attached directly to the transfer for free.

Money Gram money transfer system in Dubai – it is a simple and quite fast way to send money, and users can always count on reliability and maximum safety of all the conducted financial transactions.

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