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The ambitious government projects on creating the territorial units with the special economic status in the UAE have already proven their economic feasibility and now bring the wanted result in the form of the direct investments into the national economy. However the government of the United Arab Emirates does not intend to halt at the achieved results, and continues to develop this area, using the proved and tested solutions and implementing the innovations.

The evidence of that is the number of new Free Trade Zones in the UAE, which increases every year. If recently many projects were only on paper, today, there is the active construction and development of the appropriate infrastructure. This article provides interesting and useful information about the new FTZ in the UAE.

Auto Spare Parts Free Trade Zone

The territorial unit ASP FTZ, as an economic zone, is a long-term government project, which aims to meet the growing consumer demand in the region in the area of spare parts and components for vehicles. The international manufacturers with a variety of commodity groups and lines are presented on the territory of the Auto Spare Parts free trade economic zone.

Potential buyers, both bulk and retail buyers, can find everything here: car accessories, professional equipment, lubricants, tires, components, optics and much more. The competitive prices at the expense of the low cost of goods remain the main advantage for buyers.

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The entrepreneurs and investors are offered storage facilities with the appropriate equipment and infrastructure, service and office premises and retail space. The administration of the free trade economic zone has made a lot of efforts in order to introduce the advanced technologies for the automation of the many business processes, which is also reflected in the profitability of the business and the on the level of profits. The modern software systems allow to keep a precise financial and analytical accounting, and also to process the necessary information quickly.

Building Materials Free Trade Zone

BM FTZ area or the area of the construction materials is the free trade economic zone, which unites the interests of the manufacturers of building materials and the contractors. It is another Government project which is aimed at the industry development in the area of production of the building materials. For these purposes a specialized exchange was established here, where the manufacturers and construction contractors, importers and suppliers of building materials actively cooperate.

The main advantage of this platform remains the favorable strategic location, close to the international aviation hub – the Abu Dhabi airport. The territory of the free trade economic zone provides the direct access to the Musaffah highway, and it takes only a 10-minutes drive to the capital of the Emirates.

It may safely be said that the Government has managed to implement this project successfully, and its development continues actively. Right strategy and the subsequent growth of the economic indicators, have become a major reason of the growth of the investment demands on the economic zones in the UAE, and BM FTZ area is not an exception. Private business has everything here to optimize many processes and to find new solutions.

Dubai Aid City Free Trade Zone

The Dubai Aid City project is a specialized area, which was specifically designed in order to create the infrastructure, which would ensure timely processing and delivering of the international humanitarian aid and goods. That is why the area was created on the basis of the already existing Jebel Ali FTZ. The efficiency and effectiveness of the international humanitarian services and organizations is provided thanks to the availability of the appropriate infrastructure and storage facilities.

All the work on the project was conducted in close cooperation with the humanitarian organizations and construction engineers. The most comfortable, practical and convenient sectoral area was managed to be created owing to such an approach. The following possibilities are available for humanitarian and charitable organizations:

  • production and storage facilities for processing, storing and packaging of the humanitarian aid;
  • warehouses, which are equipped with the refrigerating chambers, for storing of the perishable foods and medications;
  • modern office premises, with all the necessary equipment, means of communication and communications;
  • business centers, conference halls, educational and training centres;
  • developed urban and social infrastructure.

Dubai Carpet Free Trade Zone

The Dubai Carpet Free trade Zone is the specialized area with the innovative approach of the organization of wholesale and retail trade. In particular, we are talking about the production and sale of the carpet products. It should be noted that this product has a special status in the United Arab Emirates. For example, in the local markets, one can find carpet products which cost much more than an average car, and that's a fact.

The DC FTZ economic zone is located in one of the most prestigious city districts – Deira. This location provides the immediate access to the existing urban infrastructure in Dubai and to the main transport arteries of the region. The quite competitive conditions for free wholesale and retail trade, and also for the international trade, were created on the territory, whose area exceeds 8 thousand square meters.

Not only the preferential taxation and customs duties, but also great possibilities for establishing the sales links can be singled out among the main advantages and opportunities of the area. The most advanced software products and advanced international industrial experience are available for the partners of the project. The Dubai Carpet Free Trade Zone unites not only the interests of the producers, but also the interests of the ultimate consumers of the carpet products.

Dubai Energy City FTZ

The Dubai Energy City is a large-scale project, which is implemented under the direct patronage of the Government. The project aims at creating the largest regional and international energy centre. The activity of the jurisdiction is aimed at the development and implementation of the innovative technologies in the area of transportation and production of energy resources.

In fact, the Dubai Energy City is the industrial cluster, which includes the companies which are engaged in oil, gas and chemical industries. The government of the Emirate seeks to provide the local market with the required power capacities, what is very important in the light of the growing popularity of the UAE for opening a business.

There is also the focus of the project on the search for the alternative sources and solutions in the area of energy supplying. Suppliers and manufacturers of the energy resources can count on the well-developed infrastructure, which enables to implement an effective strategic planning.

Dubai Textile City FTZ

The textile industry in the UAE is the rapidly growing economic sector, and the Government takes the active part in its development. The Dubai Textile City specialized economic free zone is a vivid example of supporting the textile industry.

The vast area, the total area of which exceeds 40 thousand square kilometers, indicates the large scale of the project. Both the industrial premises with the appropriate equipment and the indoor shopping malls are available on the territory of this economic zone.

The proximity to the Dubai International Airport allows to use the most effective schemes and solutions in the field of international transport logistics. The Textile City free trade economic zone is the new city district with its own infrastructure.

Heavy Equipment Truck Free Trade Zone

The Heavy Equipment Truck Zone free trade economic zone is the industrial project that has a narrow focus. In particular, the area was created in order to increase the volume of re-exports of the trucks and heavy construction equipment. Taking into account the characteristics of this sector, the entire necessary infrastructure is created here, including the equipment for shipment and transportation of the heavy trucks.

This free trade economic zone is one of the new projects, which was established for supporting and encouraging the development of the national transport sector. The state provides the maximum legal support of private business in the issues of licensing the entrepreneurial activity and business registration in the jurisdiction.

Potential investors are offered the completed retail space, and also the necessary possibilities and tools for creation the dealer outlets and speciality stores. The administration officials assure that the special status, which makes the business economically rational and highly profitable for the companies engaged in the transport sector, is available on the vast territory of the FTZ.

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