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The United Arab Emirates remains one of the most attractive jurisdictions for registration and carrying on an international business, and trade is not an exception. There is an established and modern banking system, a whole set of corporate benefits and protection of the entrepreneurs' rights at the legislative level. Emirates occupy leading positions in the international ratings among the jurisdictions advantageous to carrying on business.

It is not a secret that the geographical location of the jurisdiction is of great importance for the efficient and profitable international trade. In this regard, the United Arab Emirates have all the advantages and open up additional opportunities for international trade operations. The ruling elite in the United Arab Emirates, in their turn, strive to provide the most comfortable conditions for such an entrepreneurial activity, and constantly improve the international logistics. Highway and railway service, modern ports and airports – everything works like a well-oiled mechanism and contributes to the active development of an international trade.

Trade zones with special economic status, which are designed to attract more potential investors from all over the world, is a vivid example of state support. Regarding an international trade, a specialized trade zone of the Dubai airport is the most optimal platform for creating a business. Opening a company in the Dubai Airport Free Zone means obtaining of the most efficient and optimized tools of international trade at your own disposal.

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Where is it better to open a General Trading company in the UAE

Dubai Airport Free Zone is a free trade zone on the territory of the international air hub of the Emirate of Dubai. The free trade zone has developed actively and improved constantly since the moment of its opening. Today many international trading companies, which are engaged in the most various market segments, operate on the territory of the specialized area. These market segments include air transportation and international logistics, food and pharmaceuticals, information technologies, household appliances, professional equipment and much more.

Opening a company in the Dubai Airport Free Zone – the long-term development prospects

An international trading company, which is registered in this trade zone, gets a number of additional opportunities and competitive advantages. First of all, it includes customs and tax incentives for business, and a loyal government policy towards foreign entrepreneurs. There is no need to attract a local sponsor for carrying out entrepreneurial and economic activities in the territory of the Dubai Airport Free Zone. Foreign nationals, who do not possess a resident status, may act as business owners.

Freedom of distribution and withdrawing of the gained profits and investment assets is guaranteed on the legislative level for every foreign entrepreneur. Moreover, a simplified finance report is applied on the territory of the trade zone and a currency exchange regulation is completely eliminated.

The Dubai Airport Free Zone trade zone meets all the requirements of the modern transport infrastructure and international logistics. A strategically advantageous location on the crossroads of trade routes from West to East will provide your business with the necessary capacities and will open access to the new markets across the globe. There is no doubt that, this area has everything required as the platform for creation a profitable international business scheme.

If you have decided to open a General Trading company in the UAE, you will find no better jurisdiction. We, in our turn, will help you to choose an optimal legal form, and to solve the issues of business registration and licensing in the shortest possible time. Use the help of our experts, and obtain a highly profitable scheme that will work and evolve over the time.

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