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Since 2004, the UAE has been governed by Sheikh Khalifa – the older son of the state’s founder Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Full version

In the past, the UAE Emirate of Fujairah was a part of the independent Sharjah Principality. However, since the 50s of the previous century it was established as the separate administrative unit. The uniqueness of the Emirate is that it is the only Arab principality situated on the coast of the Indian ocean. The Emirate of Fujairah has been actively developing since the last decade, and now attracts foreign investments into the national economy. The Fujairah free trade zone was created in order to ensure the comfortable operation of foreign companies on the territory of the Emirate. Today, the entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world express a desire to open a company in Fujairah.

Opening a company in the Fujairah Free Zone – investment attractiveness

For private business, to open a company in Fujairah, the UAE, means to obtain access to the modern port infrastructure. Because Fujairah provides a direct access to all the international and regional navigable waters. Moreover, an international air harbor of the Fujairah Airport operates in the immediate vicinity of the free trade zone.

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Modern international logistics and strategically favorable location of the Fujairah free trade zone are the main components that attract foreign investments into the region. A free trade zone can offer a simplified scheme of interaction with the state bodies and procedure of registration of the international companies. Peculiarities of the jurisdiction provide private investors with the most modern and effective tools in the field of finance. The partners of the project can count on the full support from the state, including licensing of the activities, visa processing, and customs clearance.

The transport accessibility of this free trade economic zone of UAE is worth noting separately. In particular, the following transportation lines are available:

  • Region's largest Fujairah shipping port;
  • Fujairah Airport international air harbor;
  • Well-established highway service.

The investors and businessmen, through the efficient solutions in the field of transport logistics, have the opportunity to optimize many business processes and to reduce the delivery time of different products. Low production costs and minimal overhead expenses will make your business project in UAE cost-effective and profitable.

How to open a company in the Fujairah Free Zone

One should submit an application with all the necessary constituent documents to the appropriate state agency in order to undergo the procedure of incorporation / registration of an international company. A company obtains the appropriate state license after payment the registration fee. The most simplified registration procedure is applied on the territory of the Fujairah free trade zone. Thus, a business license is issued within several working days.

The Fujairah free trade zone, UAE, combines the traditional values of the local population and the most advanced technologies in the area of organization of international business. A low cost of rental property and energy is a pleasant addition to the relatively high standard of living. This FTZ is certainly one of the most attractive places for implementation of the various investment projects on the territory of the Emirates. This is proved by the popularity of the free trade zone among the potential investors from all over the world.

Today you have an opportunity to take part in the most promising project and to provide your business with a solid base. We, in our turn, are ready to share our many years’ experience and to become your guide in UAE to the top of the commercial success.

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