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The United Arab Emirates has long ago become the association of success for the most various business areas. Undoubtedly, each of these areas has its own difficulties and peculiarities. That is why consulting remains a very attractive and profitable sphere for foreign entrepreneurs in the Emirates. Practice shows that if you open a consulting company in Dubai, you will have the volumes of work that will be enough for many years to come. After all, Dubai megalopolis has become home for the hundreds of thousands of international companies operating in the various market niches.

Over the past few decades, a real boom in growth and development of the most different directions in business is observed in Dubai. Markets change and new technologies are introduced, and all this requires from business owners meeting the present requirements and market developments. This situation leads to the necessity in the qualified consultants with extensive experience and own developments in particular industries. Today, opening a consulting company in Dubai means obtaining a vast client base, and respectively the provision of a business with a stable profits and incentives for growth.

If this market niche attracts you, there will be no better place than the Dubai megalopolis. Moreover, the highly specialized economic zones with special economic status, which facilitate the optimization of many business processes, operate on the territory of the Emirate. One such special economic zone in UAE is the Dubai Outsource Zone.

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How to open a company in the Dubai Outsource Zone, and what are the advantages

It should be noted that you will be required a professional license in order to open a company in the Dubai Outsource Zone. A state license gives an opportunity to provide professional services or, in other words, to provide consulting.

The following advantages and opportunities are available at your services on the territory of the Dubai Outsource Zone:

  • Infrastructure that meets the highest international standards;
  • A simplified procedure of registration of the foreign company;
  • A favourable and absolutely transparent corporate legal framework, which provides protection of the interests at the national level;
  • A wide range of transport, post and other services, and also a round-the-clock legal support by public authorities.

Features of the Dubai Outsource Zone jurisdiction

Among the main areas of business activity, which is implemented on the territory of this economic zone, there are:

  • Professional consulting services;
  • Remote outsourcing and holding of the professional trainings.
  • Various services in the field of the most various outsourcing services.

The specialized area is aimed at uniting people and leading organizations and experts in this field in one place, and to provide them with the necessary infrastructure and high standards of servicing. Today the economic zone is the vast area that is constantly improved and developed.

Company registration in the Dubai Outsource Zone is a great opportunity to carry out business activities in a tax-free jurisdiction, under the conditions of the effective legal protection and economic stability of UAE. Company registration is the first step to your success and prosperity, and we are ready to share our many years experience of work in the local market with you and to become your guide to the top of the financial prosperity.

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