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All legal relations between local and federal authorities are stipulated in the constitution of the UAE Full version

Specialized administrative units, which are called Free Trade Zones, operate on the territory of the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates. Each of these trade zones meets certain requirements and has its own specialization. That is why the right choice of a specialized trade zone is a key to business effectiveness and favourable conditions for business and economic activities.

If you plan to enter to the international level and to open a recruiting company in Dubai, it would be far more expedient to opt for the Dubai Academic City. Dubai Academic City zone with a special economic status is the Government project, which is designed to create the region's largest educational center. This project has been implemented since the beginning of 2003 and includes certain stages of development. Meanwhile, the primary goal of a long-term Government project is:

  • Creation of a modern social, urban and transport infrastructure in order to attract the leading international universities and educational institutions;
  • Organization of the necessary conditions and an educational infrastructure that meets international requirements and standards;
  • Providing a foreign business with the most comfortable and favourable conditions for professional development.

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How to open a company in the Dubai Academic City – possibilities and advantages

As to the foreign entrepreneurs, who operate in the United Arab Emirates, this economic zone has a number of corporate advantages, including:

  • No prerequisite to attract a local sponsor and a 100% foreign ownership of business is allowed;
  • Preferential customs and tax regime for corporate clients;
  • Authorization of action within distribution of gained profits.

Besides, the territory of the Dubai Academic City trade zone has received the "Freehold" status upon an order of the Government of the Emirate. This points to the fact that foreign citizens, entrepreneurs and investors, may purchase land and property in private ownership, and therefore to participate in long-term and promising investment projects.

Dubai Academic Сity is the modern city district with commercial and residential buildings, educational and office premises, and with apartments and campuses for accommodation. Conditions, which are comfortable not only for carrying on business, are created here. Shops, cafeterias and restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centres, beauty salons and gyms will make your business and residence comfortable.

It should be noted that you must obtain an appropriate license in the government registration authority before opening a company in the Dubai Academic City. The procedure of registration of an international or a local company and obtaining of the required state license can take several weeks. Our specialists are organized to provide you with maximum assistance and legal support of your business at any stage.

We will help you to open a recruiting company in Dubai with minimum cost and maximum benefit for business. Special economic status and support of the professionals is a great opportunity to organize a highly profitable business in the most favourable place on the planet. Only after counting on the support of the qualified professionals, you will get the desired result within a limited period of time, and your business will start yielding profits without deferring any longer.

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