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The most suitable and promising jurisdiction for opening an IT company is the Internet City in Dubai, UAE. Full version

A modern car market develops constantly and is upscaled rapidly. Provided drafting a competent business plan, such a business can become a source of constant and high income. According to the international experts, the profitability of the automotive business, taking into account the initial investments, is highly effective. This is especially true for the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates. For example, to open a car showroom in the UAE means to provide your business with a duty free trade and the most advanced marketing technologies.

More and more foreign entrepreneurs and investors pay their attention to the United Arab Emirates as to the reliable platform for building both local and international business. Today, the UAE provides ideal conditions for business development in the various market segments, whether it is the re-export of vehicles and spare parts, manufacturing, selling or servicing. Moreover, the highly specialized zones with a special economic status operate on the territory of the United Arab Emirates. A car showroom in the UAE can be opened in the specialized economic zones where the most favorable conditions were created for foreign investors.

Opening a company in the Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone – benefits and advantages

This Dubai free trade zone in is a modern trading platform, which provides foreign business with the preferential conditions for carrying on business in the UAE. The main purpose of this economic zone is the development of the national car-manufacturing sector and support of the automotive industry. This is the ideal international platform for business associated with trade in motor vehicles, components and spare parts. Thousands of companies from all over the world are registered on the territory of the Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone free trade zone, and each of them has great prospects for the development and additional corporate possibilities.

The Government of the Emirate of Dubai, when initiating such projects, actively encourages the development of the national automobile sector and attracts large investments into the economy. Whereas earlier the Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone free trade zone served mainly for the re-export of cars to the regional markets, today it is a platform that is favorable in all aspects, and which provides an access to the local market of the Emirates. A well-developed logistics and major international transport hubs of the UAE serve as the great addition for organizing business entities.

Your company in the Auto Spare Parts Zone as a key to commercial success

This economic zone is combined in its structure. There is also a possibility of entering new international markets, and an access to the local market of the UAE. The most favorable conditions, including the appropriate infrastructure and tools, were created here in order to facilitate entering an international market. Partners and clients of the economic zone are provided with the unlimited storage facilities, tried and tested international logistics and the possibility of closing business contracts with the leading players of the automotive business.

A competent policy of the UAE and in particular the customs agreements with the neighboring countries provide foreign business with a preferential access to the regional markets. The costs for international logistics, owing to the broad dealer network of companies registered on the territory of the free zone, are significantly reduced, and there emerges an opportunity to optimize many business processes.

A well-established urban and social infrastructure, office and retail space and storage facilities with the appropriate equipment are available at the investors’ services. The innovative software products, which provide efficient monitoring of the market, and possibilities for cataloging and tracking the available products will be offered for you. All the corporate benefits and opportunities are available regardless the type of a company, whether these are major international holding formations or representatives of small and medium-sized business.

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