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Opening an IT company, in the era of rapid development of information technologies and global computerization, are a great, and, above all, a highly profitable business. This is especially relevant in connection with the market of the United Arab Emirates, as the rates of growth of different economic sectors hold leading positions globally. Today, to open an IT company in Dubai, the UAE means to obtain an effective business operating in the business capital of the region, where the services of IT professionals are in demand as never before.

However, you should understand that the level of competition is quite high in this market niche, so you will need some creativity and a team of truly skilled professionals. Competent planning of the strategy for the further development, a deliberate promotion of a company and a quality in execution of works – these are prerequisites for the creation of an effective business and attracting of a sufficient number of clients. Let us try to understand how to open an IT company in Dubai and how to use the corporate benefits for foreign business.

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Dubai Internet City free trade zone

If you are interested in this particularly economic sector, a correct solution is opening an IT company in the Dubai Internet City. Dubai offers a stable national economy and a number of corporate opportunities. For example, if your business is aimed at clients within the country, you can open a local company with a local sponsor. All the relationships with such a partner are strictly documented, and his involvement in business is of a purely nominal nature.

Specialized free trade zones with a special economic status and a certain orientation were created in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE in order to enable opening companies with a 100% foreign ownership. Thus, as to the area of IT technologies, it is better to open an IT company in the Dubai Internet City. In addition to the fact that all the leading companies from all over the world are represented here, the foreign business can count on the customs and tax privileges and modern infrastructure that meets the highest international standards.

It can said that all the world's advanced technologies and the latest achievements are concentrated here. This particular situation has turned the Dubai Internet City free trade zone, the UAE, into the most attractive platform for opening an IT company. Partners and clients of a project can count on the maximum support from the state and relevant bodies, including assistance in the issues of obtaining a business licence, company registration, and visa processing for the owners and employees of the company.

You will have an opportunity to check the technical and economic justification of a launching project, to make an objective assessment of the existing risks and to start establishment of a vast client base beforehand. For this purpose, there are special software products, which are provided to the partners of the economic zone. It is noteworthy that even medium-sized and small IT companies can count on the full range of the appropriate corporate tools and opportunities for building and developing their own IT business in the UAE.

The corporate advantages and strategic benefits of the Dubai Internet City specialized zone are undisputed and are already successfully used by very large number of companies from all over the world. Today, the Dubai Internet City is not only a platform for organizing an IT business, it is a leading international business center and a strategic base for those who want to expand the territory of their presence and to open new markets for business.

If your commercial and business activity is connected with information technologies, the jurisdiction of the Dubai Internet City, the UAE, can become the most promising option for you. Be sure to use a contact us form and receive comprehensive information on building an effective and profitable business in the United Arab Emirates. We are ready to help you and to support your business at any stage, from registration of a new IT company, to license renewal and further legal support of your business.

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