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The most suitable and promising jurisdiction for opening an IT company is the Internet City in Dubai, UAE. Full version

The United Arab Emirates is the country of opportunities, comfort and security. There is a high standard of living, tax advantages for business, developed system of education and health protection and, in addition, attractive prices for branded goods and entertainment, which are available here all the year around. In short, the environment for living in the UAE is really perfect (not counting the heat, which can be eliminated easily using the air-conditioners which are installed even on the public transport stops).

How to move to the United Arab Emirates with the family?

There are several ways of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE:

  • Marriage to a citizen of the Emirates;
  • Studying in the university of the country;
  • Employment contract;
  • Purchase of the real estate;
  • Opening your own company.

The first and the second options are not suitable for business people in most the cases for obvious reasons, and the third one is not very reliable, because, when making the contract, the restrictions on the moving the other family members are often imposed. What concerns the immigration via purchasing the real estate, – it is quite an expensive way.

The minimal cost of the property, after the purchasing of which a foreign citizen gets the Residency permit, is 1 million dirhams. Thus the best way of immigration to the United Arab Emirates with all the family is opening the company in this country.

Clarify the cost of opening company, corporate or personal bank account, obtaining a residence visa, or another question regarding business in Dubai, UAE:

Family immigration to the UAE via opening the business

Company registration is the most convenient and easiest method of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE. Especially because in the UAE there are the most attractive conditions for carrying on the business: low or even zero taxes, the complete lack of bureaucracy and currency exchange regulation and the loyal attitude of the country. In addition to all these advantages, the business owners receive a residence permit (residence visa) for themselves and members of their families. The period of validity of the residence visa is 3 year, after which it needs to be renewed.

Choosing obtaining the residence visa via opening the business, first of all you should determine the activity of the company and place of its registration: on the main territory of the country or in one of the free trade zones. Then you should go through a short and fairly simple procedure of licensing and submit all the necessary documents.

Opening the company in the UAE is relatively inexpensive and lasts only a couple of weeks. And it is not necessary that the firm will actually operate – it can exist formally. There is no risk that there will be difficulties with the renewal of the residence permit in such case.

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