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Overview of the DU telecommunications company

Article image: Overview of the DU telecommunications company

DU telecommunications company is the advanced mobile phone operator, TV service and Internet provider in the United Arab Emirates. Today, the number of its consumers exceeds 4 million people, and the DU wireless access points are available in countless restaurants, shopping malls and even in Dubai metro.

The company is actively developing and improving the range and quality of its services. That is why, in spite of its early age (founded in 2006), DU is the only competitor to Etisalat — national Internet service provider of the UAE.

The list of services includes mobile communication (through the UAE), fixed phone line, TV and Internet (in Dubai, Umm al-Quwain and Abu Dhabi). DU has more than 30 private retail outlets of mobile communication, among its partners-dealers there are Jumbo, Emirates Computers and Axiom Stores. The telecommunications company also owns the network of dealers and the online store where you can activate and manage services and shop online.

Reference information about DU company

DU telecommunications company was founded in 2006 in the UAE. The legal name is Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company and DU is the brand under which services are provided. The dialling code of DU mobile users is +971 (55).

In 2007, DU has launched a new service Call Select, which enables to make landline calls outside the coverage area.

The year 2008 was marked for the company by launching the first fiber optic cable system that provides high-speed access to the Internet from India to the UK. This system was called the Europe India Gateway ("Europe's gateway to India").

In 2009, DU has partnered with Vodafone (the UK operator) in order to provide better services for its subscribers on the territory of the UAE. The DU point of presence in London was opened and the partnership agreement with software provider iBwawe was signed the same year.

In 2010, the company has made the real breakthrough in the field of television services due to the start of broadcasting 3D TV programs. Remarkably, this service was provided free of charge. DU’s subscribers did not have to enable any additional programs or packages to view three-dimensional programs. The only condition was the availability of a 3D-supporting TV set and special glasses.

DU’s plans call for further active development and technological enhancement of services.

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