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The Emirates National Oil Company is one of the most influential companies on the oil market and a flagship of the economic development of the United Arab Emirates. It comprises more than 30 manufacturing divisions and subsidiaries. The majority shareholder of ENOC is the Dubai Government. The head office of the company is located in Dubai.

The petroleum refinery “Emirates National Oil Company” is the top supplier of aviation fuel in the entire Middle East and Africa. The company provides aviation fuels up planes and other aircrafts in 97 airports and is a partner of the JIG and IATA.

ENOC owns a chain of fuel terminals and gas stations. Besides, it owns several oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and the refinery in Jebel Ali, with the annual production capacity of up to 120 thousand barrels per day.

Business units of the Emirates National Oil Company

One of the well-known units of the refinery company is the International Refining & Marketing, which is engaged in manufacturing and selling lubricants, aviation fuels and various chemicals. The manufactured products are sold on both local and international markets. In addition, the company owns a network of gas stations in the Middle East countries. Offices of ENOC International Refining & Marketing are located in Singapore, Djibouti, London and Kuala Lumpur.

Another unit, ENOC Lubricants, produces lubricants. The assortment of products includes a wide range of greases and oils for marine, industrial, automotive and special purpose. Products of the ENOC Lubricants are manufactured in the modern plant in Fujairah.

The company pays close attention to the environmental friendliness and quality of lubricants. It is possible due to the availability of a high-class laboratory equipped of high technical level. It provides various types of technical services, including the Lubricants Analysis Program, which allows monitoring the technical condition of the equipment.

Products of the ENOC Lubricants are sold in more than 30 countries, mainly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. All the manufactured lubricants meet international specifications and standards.

The company also owns the Dragon Oil company whose manufacturing facilities are located in Turkmenistan. This company is registered in Ireland and has its headquartered in Dubai.

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