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The UAE second export category after crude oil is aluminum. Full version

International demand for aluminium and steel increases every year and it is reflected in the state programmes of the development of the iron and steel industry of the country. Steel production in the UAE is carried out by the region's largest companies. Quite recently, the production capacities allowed production of no more than 150 thousand tons of light metals per year, however, today, this figure has reached the millions mark.

Among the major importers are the Russian Federation, Europe, countries of Asia and South America. It is worth noting that the aluminium ingots, which are produced in the United Arab Emirates, are characterized by a high-purity (99,8%) and are in a great demand among foreign buyers.

Metallurgy in the UAE – opportunities and potential

Evaluations the sector from the statistical data, a customer demand for steel in the UAE remains moderately stable. For instance, according to the authorities, the increase in the consumer demand for rolled steel will amount about 10% in the next five years. For this purpose, the state plans to implement a number of projects, including subsidization of the production costs within the frameworks of preparation for the international exhibition EXPO 2020.

As to the volumes, steel production in the UAE grows rapidly like everything else. Whereas in 2014 the steelmaking plants of the United Arab Emirates have shown a 15% growth in production volumes, by the end of the current year a 25% increase is expected. Such an increase is expected on the background of preparation and implementation of the most large-scale international and infrastructural projects. Expansion of the urban metro and international airports networks, thematic parks and tourist centres – all this requires raw materials. Experts predict that by 2018, the level of consumption in the domestic market can reach about 3.5 million tons of steel and light metals.

Steel production in the UAE

Metallurgy in the UAE is represented by large steel mills. The largest is owned by the Emirates Steel Industries company, which was founded in the beginning of 2001. Today, it is a high-tech production with the most modern equipment and high quality standards. The brand name is known worldwide and has already proved its reliability.

The aluminium industry deserves special attention. This is a major item of government revenue, and therefore an important economic sector. The current easy-alloyed metals mining capacities in the United Arab Emirates are able to provide a serious competition in the international market. Every year the United Arab Emirates produces more than 10 million tons of aluminium in the form of raw materials and finished products.

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