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All legal relations between local and federal authorities are stipulated in the constitution of the UAE Full version

In fact, the state system of the United Arab Emirates is a unique combination of monarch and republican system of government. The Government of the United Arab Emirates applies effectively both traditional and modern methods of governance. The state system is represented by the union of independent Arab principalities, each of them has its own laws and legitimate government. The government of the country is carried out under the principle of federal subordination, and all the legal relations of local and federal authorities are regulated by the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE system of government

The organization structure of government of the country and relevant state establishments is as follows:

  • The highest state political body – the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates;
  • Executive power – the Council of Ministers;
  • State legislature – the Federal National Council;
  • Local and community authorities – the Ruler of the Emirate and the majlises.

It should be noted that all the foreign citizens, who reside on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, interact with the Executive authorities regardless of whether they carry on business activities or come as tourists.

Executive authority

Public executive authority of the United Arab Emirates is represented by the Council of Ministers. This public authority is ruled by chairman, who is chosen by the President with the consent of the Supreme Council of the UAE. The Council of Ministers implements the introduction of the legislative acts, orders and regulations, which control lawgiving, and works on the Federal budget of the nation. This managerial body contains various ministries and equated public institutions. The UAE Ministries carry out the ruling of almost all the relationships, including employment and business.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE is a vivid example of interaction between Executive authorities and foreign nationals coming into the country. For example, the foreigners, who plan to exercise labour or entrepreneurial activity in the United Arab Emirates, will have to work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In particular, it may be necessary to legalize various papers, to obtain a visa or state business licenses, etc.

It is important to remember that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE specifies certain requirements for documents submitted for legalization. The last page of the submitted document must be certified by the Consulate of the Emirates and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that has issued the document. Otherwise, the documents will be returned. The current legislation clearly stipulates that all documentation and other certificates of foreign origin must be legalized at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the respective format.

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