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Interesting facts:

Since 2004, the UAE has been governed by Sheikh Khalifa – the older son of the state’s founder Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Full version

The resort holiday in the territory of the Emirates is for a long time known to foreign tourists as a very enjoyable, comfortable and secure timing. There is no country on our planet where one does not know about the entertainment and tourist facilities, which are constructed here. Today’s United Arab Emirates offers the most modern shopping malls, luxury hotel complexes, traditional Oriental markets, numerous cultural and entertainment establishments, excellent beaches and much more for a resort holiday time.

Apart from the tourism, international trade and private business which actively develops in the UAE, and the strategically advantageous location of the country at the intersection of the trade routes became the key to the rapid growth of the international relations. As the addition is the loyal policy of the country, the perfect business infrastructure, customs and tax incentives. The combination of all these factors makes the United Arab Emirates highly attractive for various international events and exhibitions.

Regular exhibitions in the UAE as the opportunity for private business

Specialists and international experts note that the international exhibitions are the great opportunity for business to find new business partners and to build a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Moreover, such events are designed to develop and to strengthen the already existing international relations, including trade and transport logistics.

The United Arab Emirates has already become the model of the phenomenal economic growth and has achieved the incredible results in the financial sector, in industry and in the tourism sector. In recent years, the United Arab Emirates gains more fame as the world's largest exhibition center. Large international exhibitions of the various subjects are organized here every year. Exhibitions in the UAE are the international events which possess the high status and which meet the relevant international standards.

When evaluation the statistics, it is worth to note the positive impact of exhibitions on each single industry. For example, the experts cite the following data in the area of construction:

  • The volume of contracts in the area of construction of the commercial premises has increased by 17%;
  • The volume of contracts for the construction of the residential premises has increased by 41%;
  • Works on the external and internal interior have increased by 56%.

Technical opportunities and infrastructure

United Arab Emirates can be proud of the most advanced social and urban infrastructure. The numerous buildings that are designed specifically for the exhibitions were raised here. Several large international events can be carried out in the specialized exhibition complexes simultaneously.

Besides, there is almost everything here for carrying out exhibitions and related festive events. Modern equipment and communication facilities, utilities and all the related urban infrastructure. Services of advertising and design agencies, supporting staff and exhibition printing services, qualified personnel, services of the courier delivery of the correspondence and professional organizers of the exhibitions are available for the entrepreneurs’ and organizers’ services.

Perfect environments for recreation were created for the numerous guests and visitors. Moreover, the various raffles and festive lotteries, where every visitor gets a chance to win exclusive prizes and valuable gifts, are carried out at the annual exhibitions in the UAE.

In conclusion we would like to mention that the United Arab Emirates is a thriving amidst the sweltering desert oasis that attracts many visitors and travelers by its miracles. You must come here and see these beauties with your own eyes. Who knows, maybe your future business partners are waiting for you in the thematic exhibitions, and your financial success is not far off.

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