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Al Jaber Group is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in the United Arab Emirates. The main office of the company is located in Abu Dhabi, its branch offices — in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The total number of staff is more than 55 thousand people.

Obaid Khaleefa Al Jaber Al Marri is currently the Chairman of the company. Owing to the emphasis on modern technologies and constant improvement, the name of the Al Jaber Group is synonymous worldwide with the highest quality standards.

A brief history of the Al Jaber Group

The history of the Al Jaber Group began in 1958, when its founder Abdullah Jaber Belshalat opened his first retail store in Deira. Over time, the company expanded its business and opened its representative offices in other cities of the UAE.

In 1970, the AJG has started its activities in the construction sector. This overlapped with the economic boom in Abu Dhabi, which was caused by the discovery of oil reserves and served as the impetus for the company's development. As of today, the Al Jaber Group has successfully implemented thousands of infrastructure and construction projects.

Activities of the Al Jaber Group

Al Jaber Group (AJG) operates in different areas: construction, aviation, industry, manufacturing, optics and electronics. The company is one of the largest building contractors in the region: it has designed and built over 7000 kilometres of roads, more than 7000 villas and commercial buildings. Besides, the AJG is the leader in the field of oil and gas pipeline construction, as well as in the field of oil derrick, industrial equipment and transport repairing.

Al Jaber Group owns the country's largest construction equipment fleet (over 10 thousand units), including more than 300 cranes. The company also has 30 years of experience in the UAE terrestrial and maritime logistics. Its fleet consists of 25 vessels that conduct international transportation.

Since 2010, the Al Jaber Aviation airline company, which is part of the Al Jaber Group conglomerate, was the first company in the Middle East to offer charter flights on the Airbus А318 Elite, the VIP aircraft. These airliners are used for carrying passengers and business groups up to 19 people. The distinctive features of А318 Elite are spacious and comfortable chairs, as well as a private office, which is convertible into a bathroom, bedroom or a luggage compartment.

In addition to the main activities, the AJG supports social initiative providing support to projects in education, sports, science, art and ecology. The company also organizes various professional conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

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