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More and more foreign entrepreneurs and investors think how to open a building / construction materials store in the UAE, and this is not surprising. It is not the first year that the United Arab Emirates experiences a real construction boom. A huge number of buildings and facilities, ranging from the captivating skyscrapers and to the numerous shopping and hotel complexes, are erected every year in the UAE. Experts agree that opening a building / construction material store in the UAE is a very promising investment with the minimum risk.

It is not a secret that the availability of your own business in the Emirates is a relative confidence in the future and an opportunity to carry on business in a favorable corporate environment. However, one should understand that such business does not provide fabulous profits in the shortest possible time. It is rather a quite profitable business aimed at future prospective and development.

It should be noted that the population of the United Arab Emirates constantly grows, which leads to the growth and development of the construction companies on the local market. In addition, there are always new trends in the sector of finishing materials and repair works, which enables execution of the bravest interior solutions. Thus, the consumer demand for building and finishing materials is persistent.

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In addition to the fact that the construction in the UAE grows constantly, there are highly specialized free trade zones that meet all the needs of this business. The Dubai Building Material Zone economic area is a vivid example of such specialized free trade zones.

How to open a company in the Building Material Zone

In fact, it is a vast area, which unites the leading manufacturers of building materials and representative offices of the contractors. It should be noted that this project is initiated and implemented under the auspicious of the Government of the Emirate. The main goal of the project is the development of the economic sector in the field of construction and finishing materials.

The entire free trade zone is divided into the separate sectors with a certain positioning.

There are all the necessary facilities for accommodation of personnel of the international companies, including residence buildings, office premises and an established urban infrastructure. The Building Material Zone free trade zone trade is located in close proximity to the major transportation arteries of the Emirate Dubai, and the city center of the Dubai megalopolis is located 15 minutes drive.

A specialized commodity exchange, which provides opportunities for productive cooperation with the leading manufacturers, suppliers, importers and representatives of developers, is available at the investors and partners’ services. The following advantages can be singled out among the main corporate opportunities for investors:

  • Favorable geographical location of the free trade zone;
  • Infrastructure that meets the highest international standards;
  • Vast storage facilities, including special equipment and machinery;
  • Active support from the administration and state bodies;
  • Availability of industry clusters, which enable reduction of the production costs, etc.

To open a company in the Building Material Zone means to obtain a whole set of tools at your disposal, and to organize your own business on the best regional platform that combines high standards and quality indicators. It is undoubtedly a completely new approach in organizing a business in the area of building materials.

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