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Since 2004, the UAE has been governed by Sheikh Khalifa – the older son of the state’s founder Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Full version

Today, despite the worldwide capacities and operational efficiency of air cargo transportation, it is not always efficient for ongoing business. Therefore, sea transportation is the best option for non-urgent and large cargoes. Sea transportation remains the most cost-effective method of delivery.

Speaking about the United Arab Emirates, the country, in its quest to expand international trade relations considerably, offers the most effective and well-proven facilities of sea cargo delivery.

Seaports in the UAE – advanced technologies and perfect infrastructure

Two international seaports can be singled out among the main shipping paths of the Emirates. These are navigable harbours located in the largest cities of the UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Seaports in Dubai

Logistics business in the UAE is growing rapidly, and sea transportation is not an exception. For example, Dubai megalopolis has become the centre of international logistics in a relatively short period of time. Owing to the growth of the national economy, seaports are equipped with the most modern infrastructure and operate in almost all the routes of sea transportation.

Seaports of Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates can also boast a perfect seaport infrastructure. Harbours of Abu Dhabi are represented not only by the modern terminals and by unlimited capacities in terms of logistics, but also are known to be a very convenient transit port for the various destinations.

Logistics business in the UAE

Speaking about logistics in the UAE, it should be noted that efficient logistics is a key component of the national economy. The most advanced solutions in the sphere of warehouse and transport logistics are concentrated in the United Arab Emirates. Well-developed infrastructure and favourable geographical location have provided the Emirates with a status of the best platform for operation of the most various export enterprises.

Several key factors can be chosen among the main advantages and opportunities of the UAE logistics sector, in particular:

  • Opportunity to implement the most complex solutions in the ground of logistics;
  • Optimal types of freight transportation, in terms of time expenditures and economic efficiency;
  • Effective solutions on the issues of shipment, delivery and accompanying of cargoes;
  • Opportunities for using the well-proven chains of warehousing and transportation process.

Considering that the United Arab Emirates is an important international transportation hub, opening a logistics company in the UAE means obtaining of the efficient and constantly developing business. Your company can be registered in one of the specialized free trade zones, which operate on the territory of the navigable harbours. It is worth noting that the barriers to effective logistics are minimized in the specialized zones, and a state licensing procedure is maximally simplified. Moreover, it is sufficient to register a virtual office in order to start a logistics company in the UAE, what allows to reduce all the company maintenance costs considerably.

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