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If you dream since long ago to carry on business and to give your customers positive emotions, you should try to open a flower shop in Dubai. The commodities in this business are beautiful and delicate flowers, which can make people happy and give them many positive emotions. In addition to the fact that such business is beautiful, it is quite profitable. This business, at minimal start-up costs, will bring considerable profits, especially during the holidays, when the demand is many times greater than the available supply.

According to the experts’ estimations, the retail margin on floral products can be from 100 to 300 percent. Taking into account the fact that the initial costs can be minimized, the overall costs will be paid off in the shortest possible time. Moreover, in addition to the sale of the floral products, you can offer your clients a range of additional services. It may be selling of the house-potted plants, gifts and souvenirs, special soil, the stoneware and other related products.

Business costs will be significantly reduced if the range of the available commodities will be increased by means of the non-perishable products. Your earnings will depend not only on the turnover of the floral products, but also on turnover of the related products or services. For example, you can arrange a flower delivery or treatment of the flowers. Besides, if you will acquire corporate clients, the income will increase significantly. Flower decoration of celebrations, commercial or office premises is a great opportunity to increase the profitability of the flower business.

In these conditions, one of the most difficult points in the process of opening a floral shop in the UAE is the search for suitable premises at the affordable prices. The demand for commercial space with high publicity is extremely high in Dubai, and it is not easy to find a suitable free space. Moreover, the rental rates in the places with high publicity will be quite high. For this reason, the foremost element is the choice of the location of your shop.

Dubai Flower Centre – benefits and advantages

It is not very difficult to get the entire necessary range of products after opening a flower shop in Dubai – it is enough just to start working with the Dubai Flower Centre. The Dubai Flower Centre free trade zone was created especially for the active development of the projects related to the plant breeding and selling of the floral products. It is important to note that the flower production belongs to the category of perishable goods, what requires a professional approach in the area of logistics. The activities of the economic zone have direct connection with the implementation of innovative approaches, which enable to make business processes more efficient and to reduce transit time for delivering goods, and therefore to increase profits.

There is a fully automated flower center, among the innovations in this industry. This center can handle hundreds of thousands of flowers daily. It is a vast area of over 100 thousand square meters. There are office and residential premises, sorting stations and stations for packing of goods, floral pavilions and specialized storages.

Clients and partners of the Flower center in Dubai can count on the wide range of professional services, including:

  • Operational delivery and consolidation of the floral products;
  • Use-proven and effective international chains of product delivery;
  • Required resource base, which allows to optimize many business processes and pricing policy of the company;
  • Full support of in the process of implementation of the economic activities and conclusion of the legal transactions.

Working with the Dubai Flower Centre, is not only an opportunity to carry on beautiful and highly profitable business, it is also an opportunity to use a large set of the various advantages.

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