Article image: Snow-Removal Business in Dubai – Sounds Very Promising! But the niche is, unfortunately, fully occupied.

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The most suitable and promising jurisdiction for opening an IT company is the Internet City in Dubai, UAE. Full version

Our consulting company DubaiFreezone receives a variety of inquiries on different business matters in Dubai. Some of them can make one smile with their ridiculousness. A recent enquiry however, has amazed even the most experienced members of our team.

One of the visitors to our website sent a question about the prospects of opening a snow-removal company in Dubai! The request sounded exceptionally solid and was accompanied by a list of clarifying questions about the competitors, the equipment that is used most regularly and the possibility of financing the project by a bank in the UAE.

We have replied that at present snow-removal services in Dubai are at an excellent level of coverage – they are perfect as, in fact, we never see snow, which means that it is removed faster than it falls. Therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to enter this niche.

This story bolstered our mood for the whole working day, and we decided to share it with other visitors of our website – also to make you smile.

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