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The online business on the Internet is relatively new in comparison with the offline one. The fundamental principles of its legislative regulation are only emerging in different countries and it is convenient for online entrepreneurs.

Online offshore in one of the tax havens is the best choice to minimize taxation. By means of opening an offshore company, one can significantly ease the tax burden and at the same time be absolutely sure about privacy. Moreover, opening an offshore company gives you the opportunity to set up an account and keep your funds in the reliable international banks.

After registering a company, for example, in the United Arab Emirates, you can place your servers there and provide online services or carry on internet trading all around the world.

The Peculiarities of Starting an Online Business Offshore

The first difficulty to solve is what part of business to move into online offshore. The best option is when commercial activities (orders, payments) are performed on behalf of the foreign company via website. In this case, you will pay taxes in accordance with the law of an offshore zone — at zero rates. The server hardware should also be located in an offshore country. That helps you not only to minimize taxes but also to be additionally protected. As to the part of business concerning the last stage — goods delivering, it is better to locate it in the country where you will sell them.

Clarify the cost of opening company, corporate or personal bank account, obtaining a residence visa, or another question regarding business in Dubai, UAE:

Let us examine the basic stages of starting an offshore online business company:

  • Opening a new offshore company or purchasing an existent one. It is important to choose a suitable jurisdiction on this stage. You had better choose the UAE to start an offshore, if not only a tax-free system, but also privacy and reputation of your business are important for you. This country is well-known not only for advantageous conditions for carrying on business, but also for absolute privacy of information about the owners of offshore companies. The UAE has the spotless reputation in comparison with the majority of classical offshores;
  • Transferring a domain name to an offshore company, purchasing web hosting, organizing a virtual office in a chosen offshore jurisdiction;
  • Opening an offshore account and choosing a payment system: Merchant, PayPal, Webmoney. If you are planning to carry on your business on one territory, it is better to use Webmoney. PayPal may be more suitable for other target market. Merchant account is the best option for a online business with a capital turnover starting from 50 thousand dollars. DalPay is suitable for companies with a capital turnover up to 20 thousand dollars;

Good luck with opening an online offshore!

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