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Main picture: Opening a credit card in the UAE

Opening a credit card in the UAE

authorPublished by Elvira Savir author | Tags: bank, banks, credit, Dubai, UAE

A credit card is an essential part of a life of any modern person. Wherever we are, we constantly face the need to perform transactions in cash provided by the bank.

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Main picture: Credit facilities in the Emirates. What is required for obtaining a loan / credit?

Credit facilities in the Emirates. What is required for obtaining a loan / credit?

authorPublished by Timur Dosko author | Tags: uae, loans, credit

Credit facilities is convenient tool for obtaining required finances for business development, purchasing goods, payment of tuition fees, traveling, etc. Credit facilities in the UAE are available for each person living in the country permanently. Residents can enjoy quite favorable credit facility terms. It may include mortgage financing or, for instance, credit for purchase of a vehicle.

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Main picture: How to get a loan in the UAE

How to get a loan in the UAE

authorPublished by Serge Somdos author | Tags: loans, credit, loan

Modern practice shows that bank lending instruments are extensively used by people and getting a loan has become a normal and natural issue. People in developed countries have successfully applied loans for various tasks. The United Arab Emirates are no exception. In this country there is a developed and stable banking system, which is ready to provide its clients with a full range of modern lending instruments / facilities.

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Articles on business in the UAE

In the section "Articles on business in the UAE" you will find plenty of interesting and useful information relating to features, terms and prospects of doing business in Dubai and other Emirates.

We regularly publish informative articles relating to currently central and challenging matters relating to doing business in the United Arab Emirates. When reading them you will learn a lot of useful information that would be of great aid for the best success of your business.

What you need to know about doing business in UAE

Under the laws of the United Arab Emirates foreigners may set up a business by either of two options mentioned below. The first entails registration of own company in UAE, provided that more than half of the shares are owned by resident of the country, and the subscriber is the national of the United Arab Emirates. The second option for starting business in the UAE is more feasible for foreigners, as it allows to own 100% in company business. This option entails registration of a company in any of Free Trade Zones in the UAE.

Out articles regarding business will give you more than an idea of the easiest and cost-effective ways for registering business in the UAE. You will also know the optimal way for registering a company in Dubai. You will also find valuable information regarding business taxation and other aspects of doing business in UAE.

In addition, the articles will give you an idea of other useful information regarding business in Dubai, inter alia, national peculiarities of doing business.

Local business traditions differ markedly from European ones. First of all, it is worth noting that the region's business community never does anything in hurry. The lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates is somehow slower as opposed to Europe or America. Therefore one should be patient when allocating time for business partner for solving issues relating to business.

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