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The value of real estate in UAE must be at least 1 million dirhams in order to obtain a residency visa. Full version

A reliable asset protection is one of the main advantages of opening an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates. An absolute confidentiality of all the information on the owners of the offshore companies in the UAE provides a weighty guarantee of the fact that your assets will be protected from offences of all kinds.

What is an asset?

Before considering the matter of acquiring assets on offshore companies, let us understand what an asset is. In fact, any income-generating ownership is considered to be an asset:

  • leased-out property;
  • bank deposits;
  • securities of the mutual funds;
  • shares (dividends);
  • any items that can be leased: car, industrial equipment, etc.

However, a car you drive is a passive as you invest money in it (gasoline, maintenance, etc.). In a similar way, the apartment or the house where you live is not an asset.

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Features of acquiring assets for an offshore company in the UAE

Real estate is one of the most commonly purchased assets in the UAE. The main reason is the complete confidentiality of ownership, which is provided by the UAE legislation.

It should be noted that only the offshore companies, which are registered in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone, are allowed to buy property in Dubai, the UAE. As to Abu Dhabi, the real estate in the capital of the UAE may be acquired by an offshore company registered in Ras Al Khaimah. It is worth noting that if one of the shareholders (founders) dies, his shares are inherited according to the laws of the country of his citizenship. Thus, it is possible to avoid the UAE law, according to which the property is distributed to family members in certain proportions.

When you buy property in Dubai you should take into account that the rights of ownership are issued for those substances of immovable properties that are located in such districts as the Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, Jebel Ali, Dubai Hills and the Palm and the World islands.

As to the foreign companies, in fact, they can also purchase real estate in the Emirates, but for this purpose, they have to sign many documents in the administration of the Jebel Ali FTZ. Regarding the fees, it will cost even more than the opening of an offshore company. For this reason, this option is almost never used in practice.

Setting up an offshore company in the UAE can also be used for the purpose of co-investing. In this case, an offshore company provides investors with the flexibility in managing their finances: shares can be transferred to the fund or to the trust, spent on charity or other operations that are with the law.

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