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Upon the results of survey of international rating agencies it is possible to say that in the United Arab Emirates the most attractive sector for foreign investors is real estate. Most of the major international investors consider the sector to be very attractive. The modern United Arab Emirates perfectly combine all advantages of global tourist center and center of all global business leaders.

According to researches it is the United Arab Emirates which gained more interest from potential buyers of real estate; at the same time their capacity and number predominate over offer of properties on the market. Over the recent years there has been a clear trend of entry to the market of the United Arab Emirates of major Asian investors.

Statistics of major investors in the Emirates

Statistics show that the greatest amount of investment in the United Arab Emirates based on the size on investment per investor has been provided by residents of Qatar, who in one year invested into real estate of the Emirates on average more than 6 million dirhams per investor.

Residents of Oman and the United Arab Emirates immediately follow after of Qatar, who invested over 5 million dirhams and more than 4 million dirhams per investor respectively. Residents of Saudi Arabia invested over 3 million dirhams per investor, Germany, Great Britain and India on average over 2 million dirhams per investor.

Also statistics indicates other participants of the real estate market of the United Arab Emirates. Citizens of Russia and France on average invested 2 million dirhams per each investor and citizens of the United States and Canada invested an average of more than 1 million dirhams.

Furthermore data of the total volume of investments in real estate indicates that in terms of absolute volume first place is India, after it are the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

It is well known that the United Arab Emirates attracts large investors by stable legislation, regional vicinity and relatively high return on invested projects.

Analysts forecast in the nearest future a significant increase in regional demand for investment projects.

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