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One of the essential conditions for obtaining a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates is undergoing a medical examination. The appointment card for medical examination is given by the corresponding Free Trade Zone. With this card, one must go to one of the local government hospitals, which are, by the way, perfectly clean and well-equipped.

The medical tests for obtaining a residence visa include the blood tests and x-rays of the lungs. All the procedures will take no more than one hour, and after 2 days one can come to get the ready results. Note that the medical certificate can be taken from the hospital only personally or it can be taken by our employee who has the special authorizations.

Some features of processing with the medical examination for obtaining a residence visa

For some categories of employees, the procedure of undergoing the medical examination has some peculiarities. These include, first of all, people whose work is related with servicing people and in food industry: coaches in fitness clubs, hairdressers, beauticians and other employees of beauty salons, maids, nurseys, staff in the kindergartens and workers in the area of public catering. They need: 1. to be tested for tuberculosis, making x-rays of the lungs; 2. to make the analysis of fecal detection of intestinal infections; 3. to analyze blood for AIDS, leprosy, hepatitis, syphilis. In the case of positive results of any analyses, the foreign person is refused of receiving or renewing a residence visa.

It should also be said about the women who want to work in one of the above areas. In addition to other analyses, they also will need to pass a pregnancy test. In the case of positive result, the decision of granting the residence visa is taken by the employer or a sponsor. If he allows the woman to work, he must provide the written consent about his being acquainted with the test results.

The specific requirements for health are imposed when obtaining a residence visa for work as a stewardess. Already in home country one needs to make sure about the availability of vaccinations against smallpox, yellow fever, meningitis, hepatitis and other infectious and viral diseases. Besides, in advance, one should create a panoramic picture of the teeth, as one of the requirements for stewardesses is the absence of caries and braces. The medical board in the UAE includes the general examination, test of the ophthalmologist and gynecologist, lungs x-ray, blood test, urine examination for the presence of alcohol and drugs. After passing all of these steps, a certificate, which confirms the compliance with the medical requirements, is issued.

Our company provides the full support when obtaining the residence permit: company registration, visa obtaining, assistance in passing the medical examination and etc.

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