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As the official statistics shows, the phenomenal increase in the number of foreign visitors and tourists is observed in Dubai over the past five years. The current situation makes the market segments, which are associated with an influx of tourists, very attractive. In particular, that is the tourist industry, catering and retail trade. Today we will talk about such market component as the restaurant business in the UAE.

How to open a restaurant in the UAE - the specifics and peculiarities

Marketing research shows that small private restaurants and tea cafes are in demand in the UAE. Guests of the country and local residents prefer to visit places where they can be offered gourmet meals and snacks, as well as a large assortment of excellent tea.

Also there is a great demand in the area of restaurants providing daily food. It is worth noting that not only tourists, but also many locals do not like to prepare food at home. Mostly, the people attend such catering facilities. The main advantages of such facilities are:

  • Relaxing and informal environment;
  • Large choice of delicious dishes and drinks;
  • Relatively low costs and variety of menus.

In addition, you can open a restaurant with a certain thematic focus or with exquisite culinary masterpieces. Such restaurant requires a thoughtful approach, proven strategies and considerable financial investments. But in the result you will get the incredible popularity and a stable income, respectively.

How to open a restaurant in Dubai: step-by-step recommendations

If you are interested in the restaurant business in the UAE, and you have already made the decision to open your own restaurant establishment, we offer to your attention a step-by-step plan which will help you to navigate in this undertaking.

In order to open a restaurant in Dubai, you have to go through all of the following steps one after another, in particular:

  • Development of the restaurant’s concept;
  • Finding potential location;
  • Reserving the location;
  • Getting the certificate of preliminary approval in the Economic Department of Dubai;
  • To develop a detailed plan of kitchen and restaurant area;
  • Getting an appropriate approval in the Department of quality control of food;
  • Getting the permission to carry out a respective restaurant business in the Economic Department of Dubai;
  • Execution of works in the location – constriction works, equipment;
  • Getting approvals and permissions on the facility;
  • The final approval of the Municipal authorities and opening the restaurant itself.

The restaurant chain opening process is done on a similar pattern. Every single restaurant has to pass all the stages of approvals and obtain the appropriate licenses and permissions.

The opening of a restaurant requires quite high costs. The main components of expenditures are, of course, the lease of premise and its finishing, as well as all the equipment for the kitchen.

The costs of the company itself is a small part of expenditures, and the choice of location of the restaurant should be determined, first of all, depending on the concept of business, the cost and the availability of the required space.

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