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The UAE heavy industry is growing rapidly and plays an increasingly major role in the total national production. Despite the fact that the industries associated with the use of high technologies have entered the economy of the United Arab Emirates relatively recently, heavy industry opens up new opportunities for private business. A vivid example of this is the active construction of sea docks.

The UAE Industry: shipbuilding industry and equipment manufacturing

It is not a secret that the demand for sea transport services is growing continuously. This particular fact has prompted international companies to invest their assets into the construction of dry docks that are designed for ship repairs and construction of ocean-able vessels, which are engaged in cargo shipping. Such facilities can be used for various purposes.

The economic sector associated with the construction of yachts and boats is also of an increasing investment interest. Moreover, both partial assembly and full production are combined here. Today, several large shipbuilding companies are already represented in the UAE. This market segment is very attractive in terms of both reexport and export. The yachts manufacturers, which operate in the United Arab Emirates, have already established export bases in other developed countries.

Production of heavy mechanical equipment, which is used in professional activities, is one of the emerging segments of the UAE economy. The results of the study conducted by the state authorities of the Emirate of Dubai revealed that more than one million units of the new professional equipment is produced every year in the regional heavy machinery market. In particular, there is an investment boom in production of mechanical equipment and vehicles used in mining and construction industries.

It should be noted that the products manufactured and certified in the United Arab Emirates have high quality indicators and are recognized worldwide. Besides, the UAE heavy mechanical equipment enters regional markets of the Persian Gulf with the considerable customs privileges.

The UAE Industry includes not only production of ships and professional equipment. Among the other branches of industry, it is possible to single out the production of steel and building materials. This line of activity is largely due to the construction boom and unprecedented demand for construction materials. Today, the United Arab Emirates produces complementary parts and construction materials, tiles and marble, roof tiles and building blocks, cement, pipes, rebars and much more.


Taking into account the rapid growth of the UAE population and an intention of the authorities to diversify the national economy, the industrial sector has become the main investment direction. Now, the United Arab Emirates has taken another step to the introduction and development of the initiatives aimed at supporting specialized free trade zones.

The United Arab Emirates is the country that is ready to offer a really advantageous and attractive business environment for potential investors. This became possible due to the sound and reasonable public policy. When analysing the UAE economy, it may be established that the state, in a relatively short period of time, has developed not only a resource-based, but also a manufacturing economy. This particularly fact has become a reason for the global economic changes and has ensured a consistently high economic performances.

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