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Industry in the UAE has become one of the major sectors of the national economy diversification. According to independent experts, the manufacturing sector plays the significant role in the modern economy of the country. The open nature of the economy of the United Arab Emirates, which is more focused on the export operations, has provided local producers with a direct access not only to the regional, but also to the international markets. The light industry of the UAE is worth noting separately.

Light Industry in the UAE – achievements and secrets of success

Textile industry is a vivid example of the development of the light industry in the United Arab Emirates. The level of income from this economic sector has long ago crossed the billion dollar mark. Today, the UAE holds leading positions in the world rankings in terms of the volume of exports of the light industry goods. So, the UAE textile products are exported to the Middle Eastern countries, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The Government of the United Arab Emirates successfully implements programs, which are designed to stimulate investment importance in the field of automation of the light industry enterprises. The UAE Light industry has adopted the most advanced international experience and innovative technologies. The widespread use of modern technologies significantly reduces manufacturing costs, and accordingly increase the lucrativeness of the enterprises. The end result is that such an approach directly affects the quality of the products. Besides, there is an active work on the improvement of the packaging and delivery means, as well as conditions of storing materials and raw materials.

In addition, the large-scale state programs include the continued work on the development of the good image of this industry. In particular, the large-scale international exhibitions and festivals dedicated to the light industry and the industrial related services are organized annually in the United Arab Emirates. Such events have already gained great interest among the entrepreneurs and ultimate consumers. For buyers it is an opportunity to purchase high quality products at optimal prices, while for producers it is a great opportunity to establish useful contacts and international partnerships.

Investment attractiveness of the industrial sector

Industry in the UAE has become another tool for attraction of the direct investments into the national economy. Today, more and more potential investors from all over the world are interested in the development of the manufacturing sector of the United Arab Emirates. Such attractiveness is due to the quite objective reasons. In particular, stable economic indexes enable efficient planning of the expenditure and revenue side of production, and a preferential tax regime ensures a high profitability of the enterprises engaged in the manufacturing sector.

The UAE light industry today is not just an economic sector, but it is a factor, which contributes to the transformation of the United Arab Emirates into the major regional and international logistics centre. This sector performs the functions of an indicator, which reflects the opportunities in the service sector and in the circle of warehousing of the reexport supplies. A sound state policy, aimed at the development of the national manufacturing sector, allows to successfully avoid the difficulties in the global market, among which there are an increase in the production cost, price increase and energy crises.

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