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Top 5 largest representative offices in Dubai, the UAE

Article image: Top 5 largest representative offices in Dubai, the UAE

More and more experts all over the world are inclined to trust that Dubai megalopolis remains the most attractive place to open a representative office for an international company. It is usual to single out several key reasons of such attraction, in particular:

  • Business-friendly tax system of the country;
  • Investment prospects for business development;
  • Comparative savings in the business running costs.

Let us consider the most prominent representatives of the international business, which have already set up the representative office in Dubai.

Clarify the cost of opening company, corporate or personal bank account, obtaining a residence visa, or another question regarding business in Dubai, UAE:

Lukoil in the UAE

The representative office of an affiliated company Lukoil in the UAE operates in Dubai since 2002. The office premises of the company are located at spacious facilities of the Internet City free trade zone. The company has extensive interests in the international oil and gas sector. Oil production and exploration activities are carried out in various countries of the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, and include dozens of successfully implemented projects worldwide.

Kaspersky Lab in the UAE

Regional office, which represents Kaspersky Lab in the Middle East, is located in Dubai. It should be noted that the number of staff in the Dubai representative office increases every year. Today Kaspersky lab in Dubai comprises not only representatives of marketing services and salespeople, but also highly qualified professionals and technical experts. The company is known worldwide for its developments in the field of software systems and computer security. Representative offices of Kaspersky Lab operate in Japan, South Korea, USA, Netherlands, China and the UK.

Google in the UAE

Representative office of Google in the UAE is located in one of the most respectable city districts, on the territory of the Internet City free trade zone. There are specialists and experts from various countries, who are ready for productive work and maximal creativity. The company maintains its main corporate principle of providing employees with comfortable conditions not only for work, but also for overall relaxation and recuperation.

Microsoft in Dubai

According to the admission of the top management of the Microsoft in Dubai, the regional representative office is able to solve a number of the strategic objectives of the company. First of all, these include entering the Middle East market and cooperation with investors and advertisers without intermediaries. Besides, the advanced infrastructure, developed in Dubai, allows the company to invest actively and to develop new IT-areas. Today, experts confirm that the future belongs to these particular technologies.

Facebook in Dubai

As stated by the management of the Facebook company, the development of new markets and opening of the representative office of the Facebook in Dubai are purely commercial project. Today one of the directions of company development is opening of the local representative offices around the world. A representative office in Dubai is located on the territory of the Dubai Internet City free trade zone. This is due to the availability of the entire necessary infrastructure and a specialized business park. The branch network of Facebook consists of dozens of representative offices in all corners of the globe, and the number of users in the region has long ago exceeded 50 million.

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