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Since 2004, the UAE has been governed by Sheikh Khalifa – the older son of the state’s founder Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Full version

Our company with the office in Dubai can assist in all issue related to UAE company formation. We provide the entire range of services for companies all over the country. The company we can register for you can be of any size and type of activity.

UAE Company Formation – procedures and Regulations

1) Talk to your company formation agent.

Selecting the right and most appropriate Emirate to start your business in the UAE is the crucial step and the very important decision you have to make. Secondly, it is vital to deal only with the agents who are known for their reliability. The agent you select must be licensed and have the team of professionals just like our company.

What functions are performed by the agent in the process of UAE company formation? The agent is in charge of guiding you and helping you with every issue that arises. The agent is responsible for giving you the most comprehensive information about the things that interest or worry you. The agent is obliged to help you in making decisions that are important for your business are and related to your company administration.

There are several ways of company formation in the UAE and Dubai in particular. Your main task is to choose the most appropriate agent. If you choose us, we will take care of any other issues.

2) Select the type of business activity and license

UAE company formation begins with the choice of the license category. Some types of licenses are easier to obtain while certain areas, such as education or medical services, require a special approval before a license becomes available.

3) Choose the legal form of your company

This decision depends not only on the kind of business activity but also on the location and ownership type. It can either be an Offshore, a Free Zone or an LLC Company. Further requirements depend on this choice – rules and regulation for UAE company formation differ in each Emirate of the UAE. Secondly, as it has already been mentioned above, rules and regulations depend on the type of the company's activity. Free Zone and Offshore Companies are regulated differently. Each Emirate will have practices and procedures of its own, though general procedures and requirements overlap. Contact our company to learn more about similarities and distinctions in the process of UAE company formation in different Emirates.

4) Choose a trade name for your company

Choosing a trade name for your company in the process of UAE company formation is the significant step. First of all, it should reflect the type of your business activity. Regulations related to the choice of trade names are issued by the DED. Trade names can be additionally regulated by Free Zones or Offshore Entities.

5) Think of share capital and the managers of your company

Information regarding share capital can be found in the Memorandum of the company. At the stage of the UAE company formation, you wouldn't probably be asked to pay minimum capital. However, you have to think of the amount of share capital. The next step is to think of the managers of your future company as well as shareholders.

6) Choose a bank for opening an account

There over 40 domestic and foreign banks on the territory of the UAE. Analyze what they can offer and choose the one that suits your needs. Standards in the banking sector of the UAE are high.

7) Choose the premises for your future company

Logistics and establishment issues are the next matters you'll have to deal with. The real estate market is highly developed in the UAE. There are numerous options to consider and to choose from. Concerning people who will work for your company, some of the best professionals around the globe reside in the UAE.

Main Benefits of UAE Company Formation

Benefits of the UAE Company Formation are numerous. The UAE differs from other well-known jurisdictions. On the one hand, it has the well-established reputation, on the other hand – good legislation and the tax-free environment. It offers confidentiality to potential investors and entrepreneurs conducting business in the UAE. The UAE always meets the highest requirements and sticks to international standards in terms of performing the business activity.

The list of the main benefits when it comes to UAE company formation encompass:

  • the absence of taxes including corporate and income taxes, capital gains taxes and withholding taxes;
  • free income and capital repatriation;
  • great banking system working in accordance with the highest international standards;
  • signed Double Taxation Treaties with many countries of the world;
  • sustainable and diversified economy;
  • lenient rules and regulations;
  • confidentiality.

UAE company formation – useful information

Having an established company in the UAE is highly advantageous. UAE Company Formation offers benefits to all entrepreneurs. Tax-free environment, security, and high-quality service are only some of them.

Concerning the legal framework of the UAE company formation, it should be noted that its foundation is the civil code and Islamic Sharia Law. They regulate everything taking place in the area of business and commerce. Licenses are issued on the basis of this legislation; they also regulate the process of company incorporation.

There are several options concerning UAE company formation. It can either be a Free Zone Company or an International Business Company. International Business Companies do business with the administrative support of an agent. The company can be located in a Free Trade Zone or the Mainland.

Regulations regarding offshore and onshore companies differ. The latter ones have to keep accounting records. They have to be preserved for no less than five years. The license obtained by this type of company has to be yearly renewed. Rules regulating the work of an offshore company are different.

Our company is equipped to provide you with comprehensive support and assistance at every stage of the UAE company formation. We are the experienced and reliable company with the office in Dubai. We can become your UAE Company Formation Registration Agent in the UAE. Our services are diverse and include consultation and advice necessary in the UAE Company Formation Process. We will help your UAE Company to become successful and prosperous reducing potential risks you might come across while enjoying every advantage the UAE can offer.

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