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First of all, it should be noted that all issues related to the citizenship, are regulated on the territory of the United Arab Emirates by the relevant Law No. 17. It is easy enough for foreigners to obtain a residence permit in the UAE.

Residence permit or resident status in the UAE

In order to obtain a resident status, one must receive the long term residence visa, which can be renewed after the three years period. It should be noted that the availability of the resident status provides foreign citizens with a number of additional prospects, in particular:

  • Tax incentives and exemption from taxation of the personal income;
  • Possibility of obtaining a resident visa for family members;
  • Possibility of free movement not only within the UAE but also within the other countries of the Persian Gulf.

Let’s study in details the possibilities of obtaining a resident status in Dubai, the UAE.

Business registration in the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates

Shareholders and founders of the UAE companies are granted the resident status upon the registration of the local companies in the jurisdiction of the UAE. The obligatory condition for this solution is the fact that the registered company must possess the residential status, but at the same time there is no obligatory requirement to conduct a real business activity. This solution remains the fastest and the most convenient for obtaining a residence permit in the UAE. Moreover, the residence visa is granted not only for the owners, but also for members of their families, for this you would need to submit documents that prove the kindship.

Clarify the cost of opening company, corporate or personal bank account, obtaining a residence visa, or another question regarding business in Dubai, UAE:

Visas for employees

If the legal entity is registered in the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates, all the foreign employees are also eligible for receiving a residence visa. This type of visas obliges the company to possess its own commercial premises, either leased or in ownership.

Visas for students in Dubai

All the foreign students who have entered any University in the United Arab Emirates are granted a student residence visa. In this case a higher education institution acts as sponsor, and the validity period of the visa depends on the respective duration of the study. This period may vary depending on the training program and the selected faculty.

Acquisition of the real estate in ownership

In the cases when the foreign citizen purchases real estate in the UAE, the cost of which exceeds 1 million Dirhams, they may be granted if it is necessary, a residence permit. Real estate for foreigners is available in the specialized areas which fall into the "Freehold" category.


The abovementioned possibilities of obtaining the residence permit in the UAE provide foreign citizens with extra advantages and possibility of lawful stay in the UAE for a long period of time. To receive such residency permit one has to visit a number of governmental authorities and to submit necessary documentation to the supervising authorities in order to obtain the residential status of the country.

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