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Recently more and more people who want to open a company abroad prefer the United Arab Emirates. What's the appeal of this Arab country for business? What benefits can be obtained by registering a company in the United Arab Emirates?


In addition to the luxurious resorts, the UAE offers foreigners the number of advantages for carrying on the lucrative business:

  • Developed economy

    Due to the stable legal system, a strong industrial base and advanced infrastructure the level of economic development in the country is one of the highest in the world. Besides, the exchange rate of the dirham – the national currency of the UAE, is notable for its confident stability with the respect to the dollar – it has not been changed since 1971.

  • Favorable location

    Geographically, the United Arab Emirates are located on the crossroads of the trade routes from Asia, Europe and Africa. Thus, when opening a business in the UAE, you get the easy and quick access to all the countries of the world.

  • Favorable taxation regime

    For the majority of the types of activities, the tax rate is equal to zero. It is the system of free business environment, which is one of the many factors which attract foreign entrepreneurs into the UAE. When registering a company in the UAE, you do not pay the income and corporate taxes, and taxes on wages.

  • Loyal legislation

    The government of this Gulf country is remarkable for its wisdom and rationality. Realizing that the oil reserves are not unlimited, the UAE authorities have taken the course on the development of the tourism, advanced technologies, medicine, industry, and also on the attraction of the foreign investments. For this purpose the favorable conditions for opening the companies by non-residents of the UAE were shaped. The legislation of the country does not to make any barriers for opening and developing the business, in the contrary – it supports the new proposals and prospective ideas. One more huge advantage is the lack of bureaucracy, therefore, all the matters are solved quickly and without unnecessary runaround.

  • No import taxes

    Another attractive feature of the UAE is the fact that in most cases exported and imported goods are exempted from import-export taxes.

  • Optimal costs

    There are a lot of energy resources in the UAE, and their costs are not high when comparing with the other countries. In addition, United Arab Emirates are attractive because of the competitive transportation costs and reasonable costs on the real estate.

  • Obtaining of a residency visa

    Business owners in the UAE can obtain a residency visa for themselves and for family members.

  • Opening a bank account

    Company registration in the UAE gives you the right to open the bank account in the country.

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The UAE is the best choice for opening the company! And it is evident from the above mentioned facts and because of the huge number of companies which are already present in the Emirates. It is the time when you shall also consider opening your company in the UAE!

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