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A unique selling proposition (USP) or a unique selling point is a marketing concept first introduced in the 1940s. A unique selling proposition must be powerful enough to convince a client not to choose a certain brand and give preference to another one. The term was first proposed by Rosser Reeves, a famous American advertiser.

What is a USP? This is what lets the brand to differ from its competitors and stand out against their background. According to the Reeves concept, any USP should contain information about the specific benefit that the buyer will receive after the purchase of a product or a service. Secondly, it must be truly unique, that is, offer something that the competitor is unable to offer. The USP should be able to attract new customers and be powerful enough to stir people up.

Brands selling cosmetics or companies selling luxury brands are actually selling something more than the product itself. It's about emotions — about hope, inspiration, friendly attitude. This is what can become the basis of your USP, which you can later use in the product promotion strategy.

USP is the issue of correctly targeting your marketing strategy. If you can not offer the client something truly unique, you simply get lost on the background of competitors. To understand the essence of the USP, let's look at some TSS examples.

Unique trading offer — examples

To create a successful trade proposal, you need to look at your own product with the eyes of your buyer. Remember that you sell not only goods but also emotions. You sell convenience, solving of problems, atmosphere, courtesy, and speed. Let's get acquainted with some examples of USP.

  • "M & M's" company — "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands." This USP appeared in 1954. Unlike other chocolate candies in the glaze, "M & M's" managed to create a product that is comfortable to take with hands, while not being afraid to get melted;
  • "Head & Shoulders" - "No. 1 dandruff shampoo manufacturer in the world". The company created this unique trade offer back in 1961. The shampoo ingredient really removes dandruff, which has been proven by clinical studies. It is this USP that allows "Head & Shoulders" to stay afloat for many years and stand out from the competition;
  • Pizza "Domino's" - "Hot pizza in your home in 30 minutes or free". If the delivery service fails to bring the pizza within 30 minutes, the customer does not pay for it. This distinguishes the company from other delivery services.

Creating a unique selling proposition, you need to tell the client the history of a certain product. Storytelling is an integral part of the USP. Focus the user's attention on product innovation, explain what problems he/she can solve, and try to enter into a dialogue with his potential buyer.

Writing of a USP is a pure philosophy. Emphasize the potential client's attention to solving a particular problem, explain how you differ from others, tell the user what exactly he/she will get. A unique trading proposition is a kind of strategy that really works.

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