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Such service as "virtual office" is not new for businessmen who chose a jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates for the international business. At the same time, owing to the modern technologies, this type of service is entering a qualitatively new level, providing business with the great opportunities. As international practice shows, the virtual offices are a separate industry, where considerable financial assets are involved.

Virtual office in UAE: goals and purposes

First of all, what is a virtual office service? In fact, it is a legal address in a prestigious area and respectively a PO Box, a fixed telephone line, and a qualified secretary who knows foreign languages and sends correspondence, e-mail and faxes. Besides, the customer can clearly regulate the operating procedure of the secretary.

For many entrepreneurs, who enter a new level of business structuring, a virtual office in the UAE is the great opportunity for the initial development of the market and the commencement of operations. Besides, it is an additional opportunity to minimize the current expenses on renting of a real office premise and on hiring personnel.

Clarify the cost of opening company, corporate or personal bank account, obtaining a residence visa, or another question regarding business in Dubai, UAE:

In other words, the virtual office service will help you to lower your expenses at the initial stage of creation and development of the company. Besides, you will be able to determine exactly how many employees you will need in the future for opening a real office in the UAE.

The main advantages of a virtual office in the UAE are the individual approach to each customer and the ability to choose the best model of operations taking into account the business specifics. Special software packages, which ensure the high quality of service and optimization of all the technical processes while interacting with the client, are used in the work.

There are special jurisdictions, or areas with special economic status, on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, where registration of the international companies with the virtual office is permitted. According to the representatives of the authorities, this service is designed in order to attract small and medium-size companies and individual specialists. It is an opportunity to avoid significant expenditures for maintenance of a real office, but, at the same time, it is possible to get all the benefits and opportunities of the free trade economic zone.

Virtual office in UAE allows to provide a developing business with the following advantages:

  • complete business license for carrying out business activities;
  • residence visa for the founder of the company and members of his family;
  • ability to open a corporate or personal bank account in the UAE;
  • to carry out commercial activities in the UAE or via the Online banking.

Virtual office in the UAE is the attractive tax regime, lack of the accounting reports, international certificates of quality, and what is the most important, it is the complete absence of restrictions on the distribution and withdrawal of the gained income.

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